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I’ve albums purchased from and after importing Roon doesn’t recognize the composers, artists etc. I try editing metadata manually and the search would not return the names unless I’ve that name already in the library. But even if I create the name exactly as it is, the name is not linked to the entry that would return from the search - for example the bio/discography page of a composer.

What am I missing here? Why I cannot leverage Roon’s global metadata dictionary in editing metadata of local files?

I have Qobuz linked to Roon - is this seemingly global metadata dictionary coming from Qobuz?

Thanks in advance.

Adding in a few screen shots of the tracks in roon and the metadata would help. Also of your roon import settings.

I didn’t really change any import settings and the screenshots are attached.

And below is what the search returns when I try to update primary artist of the album - I’m searching for Kogan and all I get are results from the local library titles.


Can the Roon support team help to solve this issue?

Hi @SamW,

Thank you for getting in touch, and welcome to Community! We’re happy to have you but sorry to see that it was an issue that prompted your first post. My apologies for the delay in getting to you, we’d be happy to help figure this out!

The cause of your issue is likely to there being metadata conflicts between your purchased versions and the information in our metadata index. Due to those differences, your local library composers/artists aren’t recognized as being the ones in our database.

The easiest way to address the issue is to merge the locally created composer/artist in your library with the Roon’s corresponding entry.

To do that follow these steps:

  • Let’s use Leonid Kogan as an example

  • If you already have an album by Kogan in your library continue to the next step. If you don’t, add an album by Leonid Kogan to your library

  • Then go to your artists page

  • Select both Leonid Kogans

  • Click Merge artists (in the top right corner of the Artists page)

  • Select the Primary artist. When merging artists you’ll want to set the primary artist as the one with Discography, artist bio, etc, in order for these metadata assets to appear.

For example; if you use the streaming service artist as primary, the local music files artist will be merged and metadata for streaming content will remain. If you use your local music files artist as primary the rich metadata links to discography, bios, albums reviews, etc will be lost.

You can repeat the process described above to merge Composers.

You can unmerge artists/composers at any time by going to Setting>Library>Un-merge artist (unmerge button appears at the far right of the page)

Hi @jamie , thank you for the response. This is helpful to manage the metadata. But my primary problem is different (I think so).

Let’s assume I’m editing metadata and like the screenshot shows there is a feature to search the artist, instead of creating a new one. I’m too lazy to create local artists and merge later. What I would like to do is to select the artist from the remote Roon metadata directory and assign it to the album/track, etc.

This is not possible for some reason. The search only search the local artists, composers, etc. This is my primary problem. Somewhere I saw someone suggesting to add a Qobuz album with the same artist, composer, etc. to the library and make the names available first. But that’s a cumbersome process.

Hope I was able to clarify.

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