Metadata file software not loaded - maybe. And missing playlist data in album view

Just loaded 1.8 on my MacBook Pro.

On every 1.8 screen, in the upper right-hand corner, there is a red triangle with an “i” in it. Clicking on that results in the following error message: Metadata improver: Halted. Roon needs a software update. A software update is required before your music can be matched up with great cover art, lyrics, Artist photos and more."

When I go to the About Tab, my “This Mac” is listed as having the latest version of Roon installed.
Under “Core” Nucleus ( I get the same message that the latest version of Roon is installed.

Maybe this is related: Under Roon 1.7, when I was in album view, and a song was in a playlist, in a blue font under the song’s title, the playlist or playlists were listed. I found this extremely useful. But now in Roon 1.8, that information isn’t available.

Is the missing playlist data in the album view due to my not having “Metadata improver” installed?
How do I download the Metadata improver when it is not listed on your website?

Info: My MacBook Pro is running the most recent Apple operating system

Sorry for the trouble here, @Michael_Davis. Can you try rebooting your Core machine? Any change after doing so?

I rebooted the Nucleus Core and the red triangle is gone as is the associated error message that I still need to downoad metadata improver.

However, the playlist identification that used to appear (in 1.7) under each song in the album view still no longer appears. The songs do appear in the playlists and they play there. But they don’t appear in the album view so I don’t know if I already assigned them to a play list. Apple Music that I gave up on at least lets you know that you’ve already assigned a song to a certain playlist if you try to do it twice. I asks you if you want that song in the playlist twice. Roon seems to have no such way to identify mistakes now that the playlist information is no included in album view.

I’ve rebooted the Nucleus several times and the red triangle, with associated error message, disappeared for one day. Then it came back and remains there today.

I’ve not had any trouble, except that I note below, with any metadata so I’m not sure what I’m missing.

Version 1.7 had a very helpful feature of showing, in the album view, each playlist each song on the album was saved to. Version 1.8 does not do that. I don’t know if you designed that feature out, but I’d sure like it back.