Metadata : Ocean Colour Scene - Songs For The Front Row : The Best Of Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene - [Songs For The Front Row : The Best Of Ocean Colour Scene][1]

Some weirdness going on here. Apart from the irregular capitalisation, Roon also inserts an extra “Very” into the title - but this particular track is called “The Circle” (check Roon spelling below).
I’ve had a very careful look, but unless I’ve imbibed in way too much of the laughing juice…my metadata (see snip from MediaMonkey) says it’s definitely called “The Circle”…or ?

This hasn’t detracted from my enjoyment of some virtuoso guitar from Paul Weller’s backing-band, but it certainly raised a couple of quizzical eyebrows here… :confused:

Is Roon using your metadata or is it from the web?

I’ve “forced” Roon to use my metadata, but as I say, something’s odd because I’ve scanned for the obvious spelling mistake & I can’t find it in my files…

OhMyGoodnessGracious !
Same album, more problems with “Roon’s rich metadata”.

Shouldn’t Oasis be “linked” - as I also have several of their albums in my collection ?

The album Moseley Shoals, which is referred to twice and which can coincidentally be seen to the bottom-right of the snip (shown below) is spelled incorrectly, twice, and as a result is also not “linked”.

Oh no its the end of the world as we know it, can the human race possibly survive :wink:

Well, it’s certainly heading to hell-in-a-handcart by the looks of things ! :open_mouth: