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Metadata source should be global setting. I have tens of albums named properly in Russian. Roon decided it is smarter and fetched English titles for me. Now I have to go and edit album-by-album setting metadata preference like 10 click in each album? Hours wasted.

Why not set GLOBAL option that I ALWAYS want my metatada?

Also, band name stays in English even if I say prefer file metadata. How do I fix this? I don’t care if Roon can’t take me to ‘Aquarium’ English page.

Now, even if I set track preferences to file Roon seem to still use English titles. Now sure where do they come from. See ‘Arija’ screenshot.

Editing TRACK by TRACK allows to switch to titles from the file. I.e. ‘select for 1 track’. Editing for the entire album does nothing. Set all checkboxes, click apply, nope.

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Screenshot of import settings

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You can set this as a global. Go to settings and library and you can choose the option in there. This is not available on phone remotes only tablets and pc. Once set it will need to do a full rescan to update.

Yes, I found it eventually. However, the point is - I have a large library that is perfectly set up and works in iTunes. I don’t understand why default is Roon and not user source. At least the app could ask which way I wanted it to go. The setting is not particularly discoverable. And I not sure who would be importing media libraries that are in a bad shape so they would need metadata repair.

Lol you would be surprised at how many, especially those thar use wavs and use bespoke ripping platforms. Roons SP is having ts own deep rich metadata sources, so it’s no surprise it uses these. Roon works differently to other software for many reasons.

That would be most of us probably. I thought my library was in good shape when I used it with my Sonos system, until I imported it into Roon. In many cases I was cleaning up the mess left by iTunes…
The advantage of using Roon sourced metadata is that it can be easily and continually updated when new data is available.

The whole point of roon is its own metadata extensions, inherited from it’s Sooloos origins.

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