Metadata taging after reinstall

i´m new here and have a question about the savinglocation for tagging and metadata…

i´m still testing and fiddling around…when i have an unidentified album and i fix the problem manualy…whats hppening in the backgroound? any new versions of the original files? new additional tags ? and what happens when i start fresh - after a reinstall for exampel- new mac a- and so on…do i have to fix the problems again?

thanks for helping…


Roon does not touch the tags in your files. All edits take place in the Roon database.

If you reinstall on a new Mac you’d need a copy of the old Roon database in order to keep your edits. If you search the forum you’ll find instructions on how to move computers.

Hi Stephan,

When you say “fix the problem manually” that can be do two ways

  1. In the Roon app itself using the album edit function. In this scenario Roon uses some file analysis (like a signature) to track the file should you move it to another folder location. The edits you make should be preserved.

There are methods of transferring the database to a new install (forum search will help if/when you need to do this; many users have done it and the Roon team are quick to support if you need).

  1. if you fix the metadata in your actual files to create a positive ID match. This will be preserved if you make a fresh install and rescan the folders again. Personally, I prefer this method as it makes any future install more robust (IMHO)

Hope that helps