Metadata weirdness

So this local band Cosmo Jones Beat Machine is about to release a new album this Friday and I went to check what albums I have from the band…

I search for Cosmo Jones Beat Machine, get a hit and click on it. Overview is pretty empty, popular tracks shows some tracks on Tidal and My Library shows some other tracks. I proceed to click on Discography and land on a page with one album and one single from Tidal and nothing on my library. I know I have something it’s just not showing them. I click on the Tidal album, scroll down and there is a My Library portion showing four albums. That’s more like it, but why didn’t they show on the Discography page, it clearly recognises them as albums from the same band. It’s not showing the Tidal album on My Library even then, only when I click on one of the albums in my collection and scroll down to see the My Library portion can I see the Tidal album in my library also.

I’d like to have an easier way to access my Cosmo Jones Beat Machine albums. Maybe not bookmarking but something else. Ideas?