Mi-House Radio unavailable?

Has Mi-House Radio gone offline? I’m unable to play this internet radio station.

They’ve changed their audio stream.

Unfortunately, I can’t add the new stream as there is a long standing bug in Roon radio such that https streams with a specified port won’t be accepted.

I have searched for alternative streams but haven’t found any.

I will inform the Devs again.


Thanks for looking into this and the explanation.

I kept looking - found some streams. Try now.

Hey @BrianW ,

Thanks, it’s working now.

edit: it worked yesterday (2022-08-29), but today (2022-08-30) it doesn’t. :thinking:

Bother. One of those servers I added is up but the streams are down. I’ll monitor.

@Dennis_Mutsaers , 320k stream is back up

And probably down again :cry:
The best option would be support in Roon for https on custom ports, I guess.

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Hi @BrianW /@Dennis_Mutsaers ,

Is this issue still present at the current time? Can you please provide the new streaming link that includes the port number that is failing? Both links in the Live Radio directory appear to be working for me.

The URL the website uses has changed. I’ve added the current one and that seems to work.

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