Mi-House Radio unavailable?

Has Mi-House Radio gone offline? I’m unable to play this internet radio station.

They’ve changed their audio stream.

Unfortunately, I can’t add the new stream as there is a long standing bug in Roon radio such that https streams with a specified port won’t be accepted.

I have searched for alternative streams but haven’t found any.

I will inform the Devs again.


Thanks for looking into this and the explanation.

I kept looking - found some streams. Try now.

Hey @BrianW ,

Thanks, it’s working now.

edit: it worked yesterday (2022-08-29), but today (2022-08-30) it doesn’t. :thinking:

Bother. One of those servers I added is up but the streams are down. I’ll monitor.

@Dennis_Mutsaers , 320k stream is back up

And probably down again :cry:
The best option would be support in Roon for https on custom ports, I guess.

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