Micky Waller errors

These 2 Micky Waller are the same person:


Note that in the second one the BIO text says correctly that he is born in 1941 (6 sept), but the birth date on the right is (wrong) 1947 (3 march). also the death date is wrong.

I am unable to recreate this. I do not have Tidal just Qobuz, but a search for Micky Waller just returns the corrected entry.

Are you able to confirm the Micky entry in whatever method you are using to stream (Tidal app directly)?

I can confirm the same dates listed on my browser for birth and death. Which you report as wrong. I think Tidal/Quobuz would need to be updated as Roon pulls the data from them.

Strangely, I do not have an “Around the web” blurb.

I do not have Tidal, nor Qobuz.
The 2 M. Waller Bios come to Roon metadata probably from 2 different sources…

I would think you need to look into the originating source then. I am unsure how much data Roon finds on their own vs takes from the meta data of the present file. I believe this is definable by us as well.

Odds are, you have id3tags that have the name wrong and roon is reflecting that. The birth and death dates are wrong from wherever roon pulls its data from. It would need to be corrected there.

I recommend something like mp3tag to look at and bulk edit any local files you have needing correction.