Micro slip/click at the start of (some) master files

Hello support,

I have noticed a micro slip/click at the start of (some/many) master files. It is particularly noticeable if one track merges into the next, whereby I can hear a click and a small jump that cuts off the opening “strike” of the following track.

I am not sure if its something I can rectify within settings, as I cant find a similar topic in Support.
Happy to supply examples.

kind regards


I believe this is a common problem in some DACs that require a fraction of a second to identify the sample rate of the queued file. I have that problem with an S.M.E. SU-8. Typically it happens when you’re shuffling files of dissimilar formats (ie: going from 16/44 to 24/96). It shouldn’t happen if you’re playing tracks within an album that should be all the same format. Maybe if you post your setup someone may be able to provide a fix or at least explain what’s going on.

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Hello David, and thank you for your reply.

I have a simple set up:

Roon Nucleus V.1.0 into a Bel Canto DAC 2.7. The files are sourced from Tidal Masters MQA. Annoyingly, the tracks I notice it most on are where the tracks carry on (ie no break) and they skip about 1/10th of a second - which isn’t earth shattering, but considering the investment, you dont expect such noticeable “blips”. I should also say that is quite a new issue, as it hasn’t happened in 2 years. My internet is rock solid, albeit from a mobile network. But the network handles UHD4K TV like a stroll in the park, so it’s not signal strength… and I take my hat off to Spanish mobile networks in very remote areas!



Roon next update is around a corner with changes made to buffering and caching infrastructure when playing streaming content. Let’s see if it’ll recolve the issue.

It’s interesting this has never happened before. Has anything in your system changed? It doesn’t sound like a network issue, but a timing issue with the DAC. I’m not familiar with a Bel Canto but I know they are quite good. Does the issue occur only on MQA or on PCM as well?

The only change in the system, as such, was a re-login after paying the subscription, nothing else changed. All elements in the chain have been restarted, but the issue continues. I have only used MQA files as far as I know, I am away from the system until Monday, so I cant try anything until then. The DAC has been totally solid and I cant envisage a problem there, but I am open to that being an issue.

As I said, I’ve never heard a Bel Canto DAC, but I’m sure there are other users on here that may be able to help. Failing that, you can move this to the Support forum and try to get Roon staff’s input.

I will indeed, thank you David