microRendu and HQP NAA - pops and clicks [Resolved]

I’m experiencing intermittent pops and clicks when using the microRendu in the following configuration:

BRIX i7 RoonServer/HQ Player
Upsampling Tidal 44.1kHz to DSD128
microRendu NAA DoP
Mapleshade Clearlight USB cable
Auralic Vega

The microRendu is powered by the iFi PS connected to a power board with a Cawsey Audio Powerbox (HF choke) to the wall. The voltage out of the wall is nominally 240 volts, but the power supply to my amps (Dussun X1200) nearly always shows 249-250 volts out of the wall.

I’m suspecting the wall power is too high a voltage for the iFi. I will experiment with 220v and 110v inputs and report back here.

I would be inclined to check my network connections and ensure that you are operating without hiccups. Is your network wired?

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Yes, all Ethernet for the microRendu. I had tried some CAT8 cables but have reverted to CAT5 due to ground issues with the shields.

Asus RT-AC68U Router. Not having any connection or network issues that I can tell.

Since writing this the pops and clicks have disappeared. Makes me suspect some transient coming through the power line.

If there is other equipment on the network, there might be a jabbering interface. I had to replace a network switch a while ago because it was sending all sorts of crap out onto the LAN. I had drop outs with Roon and stalls in my video from Plex. Once I replaced the switch all my issues went away. The sad thing is a replaced a $120 Cisco with a $30 Chinese generic… Can’t judge a book by its cover I guess.

Yes switches have been the problem for quite a few users with network issues. For some reason I feel like this is more power related than network related. No doubt that means I will try various power solutions unsuccessfully before finding a bodgy network device :confused:

To rule out your PC as the culprit I’d recommend using this software - - > http://www.resplendence.com/latencymon_using

Has helped me tune my MediaPC,

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I must be lucky. Never get clicks with either a mac mini or a simple beaglebone connected to my DAC. Odd the $600 speciality item is so sensitive. I still don’t quite get this product.

No clicks or pops tonight and no changes to the system. Upgraded Roon to alpha version of current build before first report above so don’t think it was that. Maybe restarting the BRIX made a difference. The mR is left on.

If I leave my Aune DAC powered it will start making static-like noise when I change audio file types (e.g. DSD to FLAC). Simply turning it off an on clears the issue. I now shut it down at night and no more problem. Maybe you had something similar…

I had a few pops before I stopped listening to music and we watched some TV. TV goes through the Vega also which is on all the time. No pops or clicks.

I’ve just upgraded the Sonore firmware and will try a different power source tomorrow.

Power source made no difference.

Also noticed the pops were occuring at the same place in the file each time, which definitely sounds like a processing issue.

I checked HQP and I was outputting at 0 dB. I turned it down to -3, still had pops. Just tried -6, no pops. Think this might be the issue.

Pretty sure it was HQP output level. Had to unclick DirectSDM in the DSDIFF/DSF page to make volume work when upsampling. Now running on -2 dB. No clicks.

This isn’t completely resolved. Have been running HQP on -6 dB for a few weeks. I still hear an occasional pop. It’s much reduced in extent and only occurs with HQP NAA, not with the Roon Ready input. CPU usage on the BRIX is between 70-90% upsampling to 128DSD using closed form filter and ADSM 7 so that has become (finally) the next suspect. Will experiment further with pipeline SDM.

With Pipeline SDM off the CPU is at 65% or less. The parallelism overhead isn’t worthwhile with a dual core. I expect this will fix things but will report back here if not.