MicroRendu and MQA

Maybe a beginners question relating to MQA.
My setup is a pc with archlinux and Roon Core. I am streaming to a microrendu that is connected to a Lampizator Atlantic DAC. (Amanero USB)
When I play one of the Tidal Masters, the signal path in Roon tells me (Anita Baker -Rapture): Tidal Flac 48kHz, 24 bits, 2 channel, MQA 192kHz.
Does this mean that Roon is streaming 192kHz to the rendu, and does my DAC indeed gets the 192kHZ stream, or is it just receiving the 48kHz Flac?


You’re just getting 48k — the MQA is not being decoded at this time. Absent a DAC that has hardware-based decoding capability, you won’t get MQA decoding unless/until Roon implements some form of decoding in software.

If you want to experiment with MQA, the Tidal desktop application and Audirvana Plus both currently offer software-based decoding.

Thank you for this quick and clear answer… Pitty that it doesn’t work. I will look into the aurdivana trick you gave me…