Microrendu and Ultrarendu

I would like to upgrade my NAA from the Raspberry pi to either a Microrendu or an Ultrarendu.

  1. Would there be a significant upgrade in sound quality from the Raspberry pi to the Mrenu/Urendu?

  2. Is there major difference between the quality if the Microrendu vs the Ultrarendu?

  3. Are they compatible with my Lampi Big 7 Dac?


1, if you use the Pi USB port I would think a mR or a uR would be clearly better

2, the ordinary mR (1.3) is not as good as the ultraRendu. The 1.4 version of the microRendu (now only available in the used market) is closer to the quality of the ultraRendu, but the uR is the best. In addition there is now the opticalRendu if your network allows fiber optics.

3, I don’t know…


Thanks for the tips

The Rendu line of plays all work well with the Lampi Big 7 Dac.

1 - Yes. A lot

2 - Yes. UltraRendu clearly

3 - Yes