MicroRendu/Dacmagic 200m volume control?

The only way I can control the volume remotely is by the roon DSP attenuator. Is this normal?
My cheap Allo Boss players allow normal volume control through roon without dsp getting in the way.

This DSP is in the microrendu not Roon. You can see from the signal path it’s already passed to the Sonore unit before the DSP.

I get that. If I disable the software volume control in the MicroRendu then I can’t control any volume at all.

If I connect a cheap monoprice usb dac to the MicroRendu everything shows up ok and has the ability to control volume without dsp.

I’ll call Cambridge in the morning. It seems that others are having similar issues.

So Cambridge decided to design this dac with dual Ess chips, 768kHz PCM, DSD 512, a monster volume knob with every input imaginable and call it Roon tested.
But no remote control, and no Roon volume controls.
So I have to get up and walk across the room every time I want to adjust the volume, or enable the Roon dsp volume control and see that damn green dot.
But hey….it’s got Bluetooth!

It is meant to be a desktop dac with headphone amp. And cheap so no remote. I did use 200M for about 1 year, 8 months hated the no remote part. Never tried to use the volume in roon as it was breaking MQA and DSD. Last months I’ve got a preamp with remote. Now my 200M went to a second endpoint and I’m using Roon Remote. Just ignore the green annoying dot, I did not find any difference in sound with or without.
And when it came out CA label on 200M was Roon Ready. They corrected to Roon Tested after first batch. Dubious.

What did you replace it with?

For the moment I did replace with Zen Dac v2.

It is BB instead of ESS. I am using it with a Zen Stream (both iFi) to play from roon to HQP that is doing upsampling to DSD 256x48 native thru zen stream NAA. The BB chip does 48 instead of 44.1 as ESS from 200M. I did a lot of comparing between the two and I like the Zen Dac more in that setup. If using the DAC directly usb from Roon Core on my m1 mini I like 200m better.

This year I’ll upgrade to a “final” DAC, I’m looking at: Neo Stream; Holo Audio May or Spring; RME ADI-2 AKM chip version or Denafrips Pontus II. All those are from the HQP supported list as I think HQP it is going to stay for sure in my sistem.