MicroRendu/Devialet 200. No Sound [Resolved]

I just received a Devialet 200 for demo and have problems getting it to output sound from my microRendu using Roon. I have no such problem outputting to my Bricasti DAC. The USB input on the Devialet is active and using the Roon app on my IPad it shows music playing.
Any ideas?


Have you definitely selected the micro rendu zone? Have you set the rendu to fixed volume?

Other than that can’t think of anything. A good few D users use the rendu and not seen a similar issue.

If you check in the rendu gui, is it connected to the Devialet ok?

Does the D playback other sources OK?

The microRendu needs to sees your DAC before it will show up in Roon. To verify if the microRendu sees yours DAC go to Apps / DAC Diagnostics. If the DAC is not listed you may have to remove and reconnect the USB cable, then refresh the page. If your DAC is still not listed try power cycling the DAC followed by power cycling the microRendu and verify if the microRendu sees yours DAC in DAC Diagnostics.

Problem solved. Thanks Jesus.