microRendu does not see Chord Qute EX

I am trying to connect a Chord Qute EX to a microRenu. This DAC is not seen by the microRendu and therefore can not be seen as a ROON Endpoint.

If I substitute a different brand DAC it will see it, lets me do the DAC Diagnostics and can be seen as a ROON endpoint.

If I connect a X-core USB to SPDIF converter to the microRendu and then connect the Qute EX DAC via the coaxial input it will work.

I believe the issue is that this DAC selects which input it uses based on which input sees a signal. If I re-power the DAC while connected to the microRenu it cycles through its various lights and then goes into a standby mode.

I have also tried disconnecting the microRenu and then repowering while connected to the Chord, same issue. Different USB jumper and different USB cables. I also have tried rebooting the entire system, same issue.

Might there be a method to connect via the page that allows one to add a custom DAC. Could the Chord be a non-standard device?

I have seen several others on the internet forums that appear to be using the microRendu with the Chord Qute EX.

Any suggestions?


I have the same issue, Dave, with my Chord Qute EX and a Sonore Signature Rendu SE and the issue is the Chord implementaion of USB. Your only option (as is mine) is to use via SPDIF. I first ran into this USB issue when the Chord Qute EX crashed my Mac it was hooked up to after upgrading to the latest OSX version and at that time Chord told me I could only get it to work with the USB to SPDIF route because their special drivers no longer worked. Then Sonore told me the same thing when i moved the DAC to work off the Signature SE. Sorry for the bad news.

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I was hoping that would not be the issue. Went through the same issue with the Chord after a OSX update on my Mac. It is sad that Chord would not step up and update the software or drivers or whatever they needed to do.

Don’t think I’ll be much help, but I’ll tell you what I can recall about my similar rigs.

  • I haven’t experienced any issues with: Roon - Ultra Rendu - Wireworld Plat7 - Iso Regen - Lush - QuteEX (LPS-1 dual powers the Ultra & IsoRegen) - Orbi Mesh wifi. The Ultra/Qute is always there, ready and waiting.

  • I never installed or researched special drivers for the QuteEX. I bought the unit used and can’t say whether anything was done prior to my purchase.

  • Early on, Roon did sometimes lose the microRendu. I had to recycle the LPS-1 (and occasionally reboot by removing and reinserting the firmware microSD) for Roon to see it. After the uR firmware update but before switching to the Ultra, I don’t think I had any more issues. It’s entirely possible, however, that issues early on had more to do with coincident network issues (uR was connected to a wifi extender that sometimes lost connection to the router) than the streamer-DAC connection.

  • At one point I did have another source going into the Qute via Opt when the 2-channel briefly served as HT fronts. I believe my QuteEX auto selects the input with the higher res signal. So if/when I had the AV prepro on and sending a signal that was higher (or perhaps even the same?) rez than uR/Roon, it was necessary to power down the AV prepro so the uR signal would be selected.

And a couple stabs in case you haven’t tried:

  • If you are using the LPS-1 power supply, try recycling it - unplug input and output, plug in input, wait for solid green light, plug in output.

  • If you are not using LPS-1 or recycling doesn’t help, you might try other power-up sequences. See John Swenson’s post here: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/26730-sonore-microrendu/?page=93

  • Try a basic cheapie USB with no added features.

Sorry I can’t be of more help. Good luck and keep us posted on progress.


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Since a software upgrade in December the microRendu works fine with Qute Ex

For Chord Qute EX you need SonicOrbiter 2.7 and have pressed the update button recently.

Also, have a look here for additional information:

Well darn it all to heck.

If I would have known that was coming I would not have sold the Chord Qute EX.

But I do applaud you for doing this.

As someone who fairly recently upgraded to SonicOrbiter 2.7 (a very easy SD card upgrade) I can vouch for the fact that it makes a huge difference to stability and connectivity. Prior to my upgrade I used to lose connection every so often but put up with it because I liked what the microRendu did for my system. Following my upgrade to SonicOrbiter 2.7 I haven’t had a single connectivity problem. My network connection to my microRendu has been rock solid when used with either Roon or any of my previous front end apps.