microRendu General Thread

The price of the micro rendu has been announced at $640 USD (without PSU) for those that have been following it’s progress.

Still no dates for ordering yet…

[apologies for the lack of micro symbol - if anyone knows how……]

Thanks @hifi_swlon, slightly more than I expected, but if it’s as good as many are hoping, it seems fairly priced.

Just need to know if there is an issue with USB connections being lost, if the downstream DAC (or Devialet) goes to sleep, or inputs are changed.

BTW, I think Sonore have dropped the micro symbol, it is known as microRendu officially, I believe.

been watching this product. Have plans to move the SE into a second system. 640 is at a point i will wait a few months to see what else hits the market and then make a decision.

FYI the µ can be added by holding the ALT key and typing 230.

I was very interested in this but that seems to be too high a price for what it does, especially without PSU, which seems a crucial part. :frowning:

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Hard to say whether it is worth the money as long as no one has heard it. With power supply it is still 1/3 of the price of an aurender 100h - and I expect it to be at least as good…( and it supports Roon out of the box, which can’t be said Aurender ever will do). So IMHO difficult to discuss the price today.

I think thats a fair comment - and who knows it might not need a LPS to sound good! Well, here’s wishful thinking.

Cant wait for early adopters to send feedback, hopefully they’ll have plenty of kit to compare to!

Where does this price come from? The hp of Sonore does not show any pricepoint yet.

640 might be to much… Since the Auralic Mini sells for 499 the microRendu will have to compete with this device, that offers quite some additional functionality (WiFi, DAC, RCA output) besides lacking the openess to all kind of Serversoftware and especially the Android support.

All in all the Sonicorbiter appears to offer most bang for the buck right now …

From the Sonore sponsored area on CA, here

Part 1 of the review at CA here: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/698-sonore-microrendu-review-part-1/

Going on sale tomorrow unless you were on the early mailout list.

I was in two minds as didn’t find the Regen did anything in my setup and there are similarities in design and team, but in the end I thought ‘what the hell’ and bought one. Will post feedback once it arrives.

I opened up sales on the website to the general public.

I ordered my microRendu with IFi power supply yesterday. Sonore (Jesus) was fantastic answering questions upfront via the computer audiophile forums and PM. Looking forward to adding this component.

Ordered one aswell; looking forward to it - the wait was soo long…
Currently running Roon on a Nuc connected directly to my Dac without special USB cards - so my expectations are high…

Thank you both…enjoy!

Ordered a MicroRendu too.
And a SonicTransporter with 2 TB SSD.
And I already have a SonicOrbiter.

I love this stuff, not only because of sound quality, but because I see single purpose boxes as an answer to the complexity that comes with using general purpose computers that are also capable of, and used for, other stuff. Not because there is anything wrong with Windows or MacOS or Linux, just inevitable complexity from generality.

@AndersVinberg - I’m very interested to know how you find the SonicTransporter. I understand that it has an Intel Celeron CPU, rather than the Roon Labs minimum recommendation of an Intel Core i3. It’s claimed that this will perform, and that Roon Labs have tested the device, but the more data points I hear about, the better…

Roon Labs minimum is for a desktop machine. These have a GUI, virus scanners, background downloads etc that are all using up CPU cycles. The Celeron we are using is almost as fast as an i3 but 100% of the CPU is running Roon. Very little is used for the embedded Linux based OS.

I have done a lot of testing here and it works great with even a large music collection. Roon Labs has also done testing on the sonicTransporter and they tell me it preforms very well.

While i have not used a Sonic Transporter I would have to completely agree with @agillis assessment. Before i bought my brix the first PC i installed Roon on was a terribly slow laptop with an junk atom processor and bottom of the barrel harddrive. Roon ran just fine, and in fact still does as i used it to take Roon with me it when traveling a few weeks ago.

With an SSD in the transporter and running an OS (and version of Roon) built for the task that minimizes overhead I would absolutely think this would be a solid performer. If this had been available before i bought my Brix i am quite sure i would have gone this route.

I had ordered a Sonore MicroRendu ($690 with iFi power supply) last week, the goal of which was to use Roon and get close to the Bryston BDP-1 sound with MPD (Manic Moose).

Out of the box, this thing sounds fantastic. Others have mentioned a 30-min warmup and 24 hour-ish break-in, but I thought it was about as good as I’ve heard from the first song on. I put on Sparklehorse’ “Dreamt for Lightyears” and was knocked over by the smooth detail, soundstage width, depth, precision, and spacial queues. Very three-dimensional! As in visuals-of-guitar-lines-traveling-through-space-to-my-ear" three-dimensional. Outstanding!

The MicroRendu equals the BDP-1 and probably outperforms it soundwise in my system by a smidge. I’m ecstatic. I’ll try playing through a few DACs with USB rate >48k (my BDA-1 USB max) to confirm sound quality for higher resolution files tonight. Unfortunately, I don’t have a DAC that exceeds 96k rate (W4S, MH25.3, rDac), but I can always mess around with the upsampling (which I usually do not prefer). When available, I will upgrade the power supply from iFi wallwart to an Uptone Audio “mystery power supply” specially designed for the uRendu. I’ll probably start looking for a BDA-2 too.

If anyone is looking for high quality ethernet-wired USB-only Roon renderer for much less money than most decent network players, I’d recommend you give the uRendu a try.


I just received and set up my microRendu up earlier today. Really simple installation, no hangups whatsoever. Good instructions, easy to use GUI software. Sounds great right out of the box with the iFi power supply. Could get all the modes to work except NAA with HQPlayer, and I only have the trial version and will need to learn a bit more about that program. Roon Ready with the microRendu sounds awesome so far.

IMO this is one great device.

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Excellent! When you’ve got it all settled, would be great to hear some SQ comparisons against what you were using previously, and your setup in general.

Mine’s been stuck in UK customs for five days but it finally looks like my tracking has changed to “Customs charges raised” which at least means I might be able to pay for it and get it, as soon as I get the snail mail notification of charges which can often take up to two weeks! So I’m clinging on to other peoples feedback…