Microrendu VS ROCK NUC direct connect to DAC

I’m sure this topic’s been covered, but I can seem to find a thread for this…

Anyway, has anyone directly compared using the Microrendu as an end point vs using the ROCK as an end point? if the NUC is galvanically isolated, how big is the perceived the sound difference? My system is quite resolving (Naim Supernait2 w/ Holo Audio Cyan DSD). I should receive my new NUC shortly and was wondering if I should also shop for a Microrendu…

I know ideally I would need to purchase the Microrendu and do the comparison myself, but I don’t want to spend the cash at the moment…


In my case, the difference between USB from computer to DAC and using a transport (I use Allo USBridge) is quite big. But it all depends on how well your DAC handles USB and how electronically noisy your NUC is.

From what I have read, I think both Allo USBridge and sotm-sms200 is better than Microrendu though. Allo USBridge is not quite as “plug-and-play” as the others are though.

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If it helps we have a sale coming up for Black Friday and there will be some great buys.

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Happy camper here! I’ve been using Roon for the last 24hrs. NUC8i5BEK running ROCK connected to my new Holo Audio Cyan USB input (with Holo Audio Titanis in the middle). Roon upsampling to DSD512 (processing speed 2.4X). Amplification is Naim Supernait2 (and soon to be a Cronus Magnum II). BTW, the Supernait2 is for sale for those interested; it is a stunning integrated.

I must say, I’m extatic about the sound. The new NUCs are really quiet (from 8 feet away, the fan is no louder than my ambient noise, which with an open floor plan and three kids, is not the lowest…). And the Cyan DSD is quite stunning. Waiting for a USBridge. So I’ll be able to compare both direct and USBridge… And I’ll try to minimize bias in my assessment… If the Black Friday deal for Microrendu is good, I might purchase one and do a comparison with the USBridge.

I think, and my personal testing bears out, Roon sounds better when you have the Core on the network in a different room talking to a Roon Enpoint (I prefer the ultraRendu). The NUC is electrically much noiser than the microRendu or ultraRendu and that does not help sound quality.

Roon recommends the same Core/Endpoint setup without product recommendations as best sounding too.

@Jesus_Rodriguez - Over the last few nights I have had my microrendu in and out of the path between my i7 NUC feeding a Mytek Liberty. In my opinion the microrendu is a clear winner. I am not much on audiophile jargon but in my opinion it sounds much better. Instruments are more defined, and there’s a greater awareness of space…it just sounds fuller, less confined. I don’t know if any of this will make sense without actually hearing it for yourself.

From a testing perspective I used a DSD128 copy of Bill Evans “Some Other Time, The Lost Session from the Black Forest”. I listened to the same few tracks repeatedly via speakers and headphones. As a blind test I had a willing participant put the microrendu in/put of the circuit. Each time I was able to accurately pick when the microrendu was in the circuit.

For me that’s as far as I am going to take this testing. I am a believer. For me the next choice is keeping my eye out for a used 1.4 microrendu, waiting for the next sale at Sonore, or buying an Allo USBridge. I’d prefer another microrendu, but the price of the USBridge is very compelling.



Email me directly as we can discuss some options…

I agree with your assessment. I also have a NUC8i5BEH, and I have a microRendu in one of my systems feeding either a Mytek Brooklyn+ or a Chord Hugo DAC (they sound different and I just can’t make up my mind which sounds better), and it really does make a difference. My only reservation is - should I upgrade to an ultraRendu? Would I notice a difference?

What power supply are you using?

I am using a Teddy Pardo power supply (which was one of the recommended power supplies when I originally purchased the microRendu). I chose it because I had used Teddy Pardo power supplies before with other products and had been happy with them. I am using the Sbooster BOTW ECO Mk II with my Mytek Brooklyn+.

Okay…that should work nicely with the ultraRendu.