Microrendu with w4s lps?

Anyone tried the microrendu powered by wyred for sound linear power supply? Seems like the standard board would produce ample current according to specs. Just thinking I could power microrendu, recovery, and dac all off lps with same ground and one box supplying linear power.

Currently using sonic orbiter se with ifi ps but contemplating upgrade. Anyone know why the sose wants over 2 amps btw? Is it the video capability? Does it really pull that much?

These are the power requirements of the Sonicorbiter SE:

Power input: 5 VDC at 1 Amp min continuous
Power connector: 2.1mm x 5.5mm (center +)

SONORE computer audio - Rendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE

The short answer is…yes it will power the microrendu.
I am currently using the W4S PS-1 to power the SOtM sMS-200 and Chord 2Qute DAC. It is perfect for devices that require up to 1.2A. For me at least, it is a product of tremendous value. It is quite, clean and expandable. I would not hesitate to buy again.

Did you replace another LPS with the W4S PS-1?

Thanks, Jesus. I could swear I saw a spec sheet that put it at 2 amps, which seemed like a lot for the little box.

Updated: Jesus, this appears to have been bad advice. I should have heeded the sticker on the bottom of the devie which specified 2 amps. The SOSE is trashed.

Well after the Sonic Orbiter SE died, I purchased a microRendu to go with the w4s ps-1.

This afternoon, I’ve had my sh!t totally blown away by the new combination.

This is now my main system Roon configuration:

Roon Core running on Intel NUC core i7 skull canyon (remote location)
MicroRendu connected to ethernet siwtch via standard cat 6 cable
Between microRendu and Dac lies a w4s recovery
I’ve repurposed a Musical Fidelity v90 dac

The three components above are now powered by a single, 3 board w4s ps-1 power supply.

Dac is line out to Marantz 8802A AV preamp, running in Pure Direct mode
Balanced connections to Outlaw 7700 amplifer.

The Outlaw is driving a pair of Focal 1037be speakers for stereo. Marantz is also conected to a JL Audio Fathom 113, crossed over at 40 for stereo reproduction, with the fathom’s onboard equilization defeated.

Various corrections made by Roon’s DSP engine parametric EQ smooth the in-room response curve at my prime listening position about 12 feet out / 40% into the room.

I just posted a new topic about this and belatedly realised you’d already put your thoughts out there. I’ll leave it up there in case there are others who have come across it :o)

i have a 2Qute too plus an SMS-200 on the way and wondering about the W4S PS1 to power them both.

My 2Qute is currently supplied by an IFI IPower which sounds pretty good though i appreciate still switched and fairly low end. What do you think, in your experience is the PS1 a step up and any experience comparing it against UPtone Ultracaps LPS1 or an SBooster?

I have been using the W4S PS-1 to power both the 2Qute and sMS-200. I have no regrets. I did a bunch of testing, including using an MCRU LPS (which is made specifically for the 2Qute) and iFi iPower in my chain. I personally don’t think the 2Qute benefits the same way the sMS-200 does with a decent power supply. What I can say is that the PS-1 powering both gave me the best results overall…and was for me, simply a bonus to be able to eliminate an extra power supply in the process. I love the expandability with the W4S PS-1. The best compliment I can give the PS-1 is that I haven’t for a minute thought about upgrading my power supplies since. For someone with chronic upgraditis…I consider this to be its main selling point. In many ways I now see it as the center piece to my evolving system. Any tweaks I make to my system here on out will need to be compatible with the PS-1 not the other way around.

Extra reading: http://www.audiostream.com/content/sotm-sms-200-mini-network-player-and-sotm-mbps-d2s-intelligent-battery-power-supply#CtM8VIcB38s8Jsyp.97

Thanks for this link. A bit of an epic review with most of the big names in external USB audio add-on/streaming/conditioning.

Intona, Uptone, Sonore, SoTM. Obviously this review was based on the SMS-200 but there are more combinations they could have tried with all those products mentioned.

Anyway great review of the SMS-200. I noticed a number of microRendu owners on various forums selling their microRendu, these past couple of months, presumably for the SMS-200,

What an amazing time in computer based audio to have such innovative options !

Thank you appreciate you taking the time!
I’m going to research further having been distracted last few days by other matters. I receive the sotm tomorrow will see what that impact that has then start to assess need for a better power supply than the supplied wall wart
I’m hoping it’s a definite improvement irrespective… then I can research and like you the thought is very tempting I can juice both dac and network device from same LPS…
I don’t doubt I will replace the default power one way or another so will report back when I do with impressions…