Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Just putting it out there, what do you guys think about using one of these as a Roon core?

What would be the minimum recommended configuration? Lack of disk storage would mean music library stored on a NAS or external HDD, but that aside, is this a capable machine for a medium sized library (about 1500-2000 albums) serving as the core?

I currently use a Surface Pro 3 as my core with the docking station. Using the Core i5 version it has worked extremely well even via Wi-Fi (802.11ac). No performance issues with a medium sized library.
Using a Synology NAS for storage. All file types from FLAC to 192/24 to DSD.

I will also be using a Surface pro as a core with a synology NAS, an MS200 and DSP5200. Just waiting for the surface pro to arrive

My idea being that this will be a dedicated core, interface machine - and it looks good on the side board!

Please do let us know how it works out as a core.

As a core, have been using an S3 Pro (i5, 256 GB SSD/8 GB RAM) running Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 10 Pro with Roon 1.0 build 30 and a Synology DS414slim (4x Crucial MX100s & 1 GbE) very happily. Both the Chord Hugo (factory firmware) and the iFi micro iDSD (upgraded to v4.10 firmware this morning) exhibit great “synergy.”

Hi all. First time poster here. I am on my 14-day Roon trial run so this is all new to me. :slight_smile:

I’ve installed Roon Core on my desktop gaming PC but would like to use a laptop instead for better comfort/mobility and less noise/power usage.

So I’m seriously considering the Surface 3 Pro and am looking at 2 different configurations - either i5 CPU / 4400 GPU or i7 / 5500. Both with 8Gb RAM and 256 SSD. From reading this thread and the article on requirements I can gather that the less expensive option will be strong enough but what I’m wondering about is the new (lovely) DSP Engine and its multiple features.

How much of a toll does stuff like Parametric EQ, Sample Rate Conversion and DSD playback/upconversion take on the CPU? Will I notice a difference between i5 and i7?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

As a point of reference: I use a NUC6i5 for core (1,8Ghz i5 6260) – that just about (1,1x processing speed) covers upsampling to DSD256/7th Order – on a minimal Debian install.

Also: I find the Surface Pro’s to be quite noisy (fan) when under a modest load. I’d think using them for upsampling will put them in full jet fighter plane mode…

Why not leave the Core where it is and use a Surface (even the non-Pro will handle this) or tablet as remote?

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I see your point about noise. That is a concern. DSD isn’t a deal breaker for me though but the EQ function is something I might dabble with on my speakers (some room nodes at 40/80Hz etc.).

I just feel that having to leave the gaming PC running for hours/the entire day for music listening is a bit overkill but perhaps the power usage from the laptop running core wouldn’t be that much less? :slight_smile:

iPad Air 2 as remote is definitely another option I’ve been considering also (buying one as my only other current remote is iPhone 5s). But I still like the thought of the Pro 3 as core if I can use it without too much noise (perhaps going without the DSD features).