Midnight (Dynamic Range Compression) DSP Plugin UltraLeveler needed

I want to ruin the audiophile approach to our pristine uncompressed source materials (Tidal & ripped CD’s) !
Close to midnight I would really like to have an option - could be in the DSP module - that would beat the living life of dynamic range out of the music - Tidal, Radio whatever - It should be squeeeezed into a little nice flat stream of audible music when my stereo is turned almost down to the lowest level, you know, it’s close to midnight and I just want some nice chilled smooth background music.
Some amplifiers and TV soundbars has some sort of “night time listening leveling”-feature…
Yes, I know Roon has the Volume Leveling in the Zone Settings, but it only works on previously analyzed tracks (no go for Tidal and Radio) and does not “auto-amplify” or limit dynamically on streaming materials.
Has anyone found a solution?