Migrating core to ROCK and moving the library location from internal to NAS

I have ordered an asrock Deskmini 310 to build a MOCK (well, almost a ROCK) and I have to plan how to move the rather large ROON library.

Currently my setup is as follows:

  • Intel PC running Windows 10 and ROON complete
  • Music is on PC on a large RAID0 array, mapped as Drive W:
  • Backup of ROON library is on local HD D:
  • There is an identical copy of the music files on my Synology DS1815+, which I use to stream to various clients
  • I have spent a large amount of time grooming my library, identifying albums that ROON could not find

Now I want to move my ROON Core to a dedicated MOCK (top of this post). The MOCK’s library should point to the music files on the NAS. I would like to import the backup from the Windows ROON instance to the MOCK. The challenge:

  • The Windows ROON library points to W:
  • The MOCK ROON library should point to the NAS

The directory structures and the music files are absolutely identical in the two locations. How can I import my existing ROON backups with all my changes to the MOCK and have it point to the NAS as storage location instead of Windows mapped drive W:

I’m flagging @support for you here but there are kB references for moving libraries and databases


Thanks, Wizard,
The link sounds like it is for a case where the library is moved, but the machine stays the same (i.e. is keeping its library files and can refer to those when identifying the files in the new locations).
My case is somewhat different. I will install Roon Core from scratch on a new MOCK, so its library will be empty when I start. So it will not have any reference when I add the new storage paths.
At some point in the process I will have to restore a library backup to the new MOCK, but I am unsure when and in which sequence.

There are other sequences in the kB area so I suggest you dig around for something that fits. Others might chime in too.

I looked through some of the sequences and I believe the following might work:

Move the music files as described in your link:

  • remove the storage locations on the windows PC
  • add the folders on the NAS as new storage locations (using UNC paths, not a mapped network drive)
  • backup the library


  • install the MOCK
  • restore the library from the backup

that should really do it, as the MOCK should be able to understand the UNC paths that are referenced in the backup

Hi @jacobacci ---- The article below along with the article provided in @wizardofoz’s post above should get you to were you need to be :sunglasses:

Roon knowledge base: “Migrating To ROCK”


Thanks, Eric
that sounds like it should work. Hope my hardware gets here soon ….

The Deskmini 310 uses the i219V LAN chipset. This doesn’t yet work with ROCK as far as I am aware. Or it doesn’t on my rig. It is used on the next generation of NUCs so I would hope there will be a fix soon. In the meantime my workaround is a USB3 to gigabit Ethernet adaptor.

NUC7ixxxx which is ROCK compatible contains i219V chipset, so it should work:

You are right. I may revisit my bios and see if I have done something wrong.

It could also be an imcompatibility of the H310 chipset. I will let you know how the installation goes for me, when the hardware arrives (processors and memory seem to be in short supply these days).