Migrating Data to a Larger external Drive

Hello Everyone. I have a quick question. I’m quickly running out of storage on my external USB Drive. What is the recommended way to migrate my data to a larger USB External Drive, while keeping all my tags, edits, album covers etc?

Thanks in advance.

What is running Roon Core? Moving your music from one USB drive to another shouldn’t impact your Roon database.

Take a back up of the database anyway.

I really dont have anything other than the core itself running on windows 10. All my Music is on a external drive. The reason i ask, the last time i did this the core detected all my files as duplicates and i lost of all my tags and edits and stuff. it was rather of a mess. I want to avoid that this time around as my library has grown substantially.

Check out this page on migration of your music files in the Knowledge Base.

The important bits are to disable your old storage folders, and then to edit the path in your storage folders to reflect the new location of the files. If you add new storage folders, then Roon will think they are new files, not relocated existing files.

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Ah… Million thanks!