Migrating from Intel nuc 7i3BNH to nuc 7i7BNH

As I this is my first post please be gentle :slight_smile:
i am enjoying Roon since November 2017. I first installed the server on a Mac Mini and migrated everything to an Intel Nuc 7i3BNH after a few glitches resolved by reading your posts the migration went flawlessly. As I am experimenting with multiple zones and some DSP features I am interested in upgrading to an Intel NUC 7i7BNH as this device is more powerful and future proof. I am just wondering if it is possible to transplant the M2 drive and SSD drive into the new hardware without reinstall of the ROCK server as this procedure would save me some time configuring and leaving me more time for enjoying listening to music…
I am thinking of 3 scenarios:
1 The quick and dirty way: moving the M2 drive and SSD to the new hardware (after a database backup just in case)
2 Reinstall ROCK software on M2 drive, restore of database and transplant the music SSD drive into the new system. I hope the fresh install of ROCK will not format my SSD drive were my music files resides.
3 A complete reinstall of everything. As I did with my previous migration (Mac2Rock)

Option 1 is perhaps a little to much asked as I do not know how the Linux kernel will cope with the new hardware Plug and Pray… Perhaps some of you did a same transplant…
Option 2 is still great as I do not have to move my music files onto the new system. Just a restore of the Roon database.
Option 3 when everything fails and a good opportunity to test if my backup strategy works…

Thank you for reading.

@ebreckpo I believe you can remove the memory and m.2 ssd from your i3 and fit it to your i7 job done, I would ensure you have a good backup of your db before you do anything.
I know a friend who’s NUC died, he purchased a new but identical model and this procedure worked perfectly.

Thank you for your quick response. I would assume with the same hardware it would be a no brainer. Here we have the same generation type of CPU but a different type i3 vs i7 and a different motherboard. I suppose I have to try it out by myself after of course a full backup procedure.

Everything is identical except the CPU rating.

I did something similar a while a go, but from 7i3 to a 7i5 (as I wanted to reuse a fanless Akasa enclosure, I couldn’t go with the 7i7).

It was just a case of moving the m.2 SSD and RAM to the new board, then restore the database, as it complained about the license. Been running without problems ever since!

Thank you for your feedback so far. Unfortunately I will have to postpone my migration as my elderly mother is at the hospital now and I have some other priorities for the next couple of weeks. The NUC 7i3BNH is running fine and due to the circumstances I better enjoy the music now as doing some IT related stuff.

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