Migrating my Core to SonicTransporter i5

The folder on my STi5 is called RoonServerDB, and has 5 subfolders, including database and cache, so I suggest you copy it to this location

But copy the Database and Cache from my Roon or Roon Server folder? I found both on my Macbook Pro which has been serving as my Core.


If you have both folders then you must at some point in time have run both Roon and RoonServer on the MBP.

What’s important for migrating is what was running the Core today.

If the Core was controlled by Roon, copy the Roon folder.

If the Core was controlled by RoonServer, copy the RoonServer folder.

Now as the SonicTransport will be running Roon Server, the folder on it needs to be RoonServer.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info – but how do I tell what was running my Core today?

I was just about to say go to ‘Settings > About’ but checking on my setup it doesn’t actually tell you if the core is running server or not. Just the version number. Might be a useful addition in the future?

So that wasn’t too helpful a suggestion was it :slight_smile:

If you can’t remember, I guess just go to the core machine and see what’s running? If it’s a version of Roon with a GUI, it’s just Roon, if it’s a version of Roon with no GUI (and just a RoonServer icon in the menu bar) it’s RoonServer.

It’s usually onbvious if it’s server as you would have intentionally installed it.

Would not looking at the dates of the files in the folders tell you which has been updated most recently and which folder to transfer.

Thanks–I could see in Finder which program had been used most recently and it was Roon. So I will copy over my Roon folder to the STi5. Now to email Andrew for specific instructions as to exactly how to do that! I wish the STi5 came with such instructions but perhaps that is not possible due to continuing software updates on both Roon and the STi5.

Check out this thread…

I use these instructions to take a backup of the database, but they could also be used to copy files across to the ST. I think I used a USB stick to copy the files across (from my laptop) when I first set-up the STi5

There is documentation on how to use your sonicTransporter on our web site. This is a link to the section on the Roon Server database.


You should import the database first then your music. You can move both over your local home network using “drag and drop”.

Presumably, once one has moved the core to the sonic transporter, one deletes Roon as core from one’s computer, and then downloads a new version but just as a remote.

So I have moved my files to the sonic transporter as per step 7 of the instructions.
Step 8 of the instructions is causing trouble. “Go to the Roon app…” - which one? On the Sonic? On my computer? Presumably on the sonic - but that offers no option to log in to the sonic that I can see.
“And log into the sonic Transporter” - ok, but how do I do that? There seems to be no option to do that on either of the two apps (the one on the sonic or the one on my Mac). So I am stuck…

When I try to use Roon on the app as a remote, it goes looking for remote libraries, but it cannot find any. Even when i enter in the IP address etc and scan.

I think what this means is to use any Roon remote on any device to access and configure the Roon Server that is now running on your Sonictransporter.

OK, things seem to be working out, but it is very trial and error, which is a bit rough going for a non techie like me. Luckily I have the US election coverage playing to keep me occupied. (Viewing from Australia).
Having completely deleted roon from my laptop and then redownloaded and reinstalled it, I seem to have got both my Mac and my ipad successfully working as remotes, and also seem to have connected to my NAS. Yay!

Thanks - the problem was that I couldn’t get the Mac to work as a remote. Would only do that after a complete de- and re-install.

Since its after 1am now I’m off to bed. I’ll look in the morning to see if there are any other helpful tips. I need to figure out how to get the sonic to read files not just from the NAS but various other computers around the house. But that is a problem for a new day… :slight_smile:

@agillis a question for you, if I may… Having installed roon on the sonic transporter, moving the database from my MAC to the sonic… And after having gone through the process I explained above of deleting roon from the MAC and reloading as a remote… Now the remote roon on my MAC has none of my history (although the history is all there on the ipad roon remote, which I have not altered in any way).

Is that normal, or is the sonic not running something from the files that I previously transferred onto it?

I’m not 100% sure on the intricacies of Roon Database migration. Better to ask Roon support about that.

Are you still having that problem @Anthony_Langlois ? If so we’ll ask for some help from Support. It may be worth checking whether you are logged into the Mac mini as a different user to the iPad.

Thanks @andybob I solved that problem. But now I have another. Which I’ve discussed over here I’ll tag you there too. I can’t get the roon server on my sonic to connect to remote folders on my mac book pro. (It connects to the NAS fine).