Migrating Roon Core - nothing (apparently) happening

@support So i finally gave up on my crawlingly slow old Windows machine, and decided to move my Roon Core to my super fast 64GB Ram 16" 2020 MacBookPro.

After a lot fo faff getting the backup moved from one machine to the to the other (not Roon’s fault! Thunderbolt/USB peripherals not behaving…) I managed to copy over and restore the Roon backup onto my Mac. Only took about 2-3 mins to restore.

De-authorised my Windows core, authorised my MacBookPro core, and Roon has been sitting on the opening icon (black semicircle with moving waveform) for something like 15+ minutes. Mac isn’t reporting Roon as ‘not responding’. But is anything happening? I could imagine a longer startup for first launch on new core, but 15+ minutes? Really? What’s it doing? On my super-fast Mac? Activity Monitor is saying Roon is using up about 220% of the CPU - has been doing this consistently the whole time (never understood how CPU use can be above 100%…but that’s another question!)

Should I kill it and try again? How long would you expect it to take?


Meanwhile my iOS Roon apps can see my new Mac Core, say it’s ‘ready’, let me connect to it, then also just seem to hang on the opening icon.

Well, after an hour and 10 I did kill it.

When it restarted after a moment it told me this new version needed a db update, which only tool a few moments, and then it started fine.

So guess it was just a temp glitch.

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Each core can use 100%. So a 4 core machine could use up to 400% total.

If there are alot of tracks in the library it could take hours to analyze the tracks.

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Thanks for this explanation. Very helpful. Cheers.

Hey @Mark_Lewis,

Congrats on switching to a new and more powerful Core. We’re delighted to hear!

I appreciate you letting us know of this and also sharing your experience - as @ffk’s mentioned, the audio analysis can be CPU intensive. We discuss it and also the settings you can choose in this article:

Please, do let us know if you run into any issues or if you have any other questions :slight_smile: