"Migrating To A New Computer": information missing

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The following scenario isn’t properly covered by the documentation:

Migrating from a NUC (ROCK) with internal storage to a new NUC (ROCK) with internal storage.

The information provided is the following :
and is complemented with

The problem :
After doing a clean install on the new NUC and restoring the database we have :

  • a clean Rock install
  • the old database is restored
  • the internal hard drive is empty

At this point Roon is watching an empty drive… This might be a problem.

How should we proceed regarding the music files?

I couldn’t find a procedure covering properly this scenario.

Could someone help me with that or point me to the right procedure?

Thanks a lot


Don’t add any new storage locations and leave the existing one from your restored database . Copy all files to new drive. Edit old storage location to point to new drive or network path to where the music is. Wait it should all sync back up if your music is still.organsised the same, it might take a while.

Thanks for the answer.

I’m still worried about losing my settings and database content.

After restoring the database on the freshly installed NUC, Roon will automatically watch for data on the empty internal data storage.

At this point, what will happen to the database (considering the internal storage is empty and the database is pointing/watching a folder that does not exist)?

Move the music first, then restore the last backup from your older NUC.

According to the documentation this is not possible. Internal storage has to be formatted after a fresh install/restore.

I think that refers to the ‘system’ volume only.

It refers to internal data storage in which your music files are stored.
Not the OS storage.

Once you have restored the database and reformatted your drive, go to the ROCK Network GUI and stop the Roon Server Software. Then copy over all your files to the new storage. Once all the files are transferred to the new internal storage turn the server software back on. It will now look for the internal storage.
Depending on how things were set up before, it may also look for the old storage location and won’t find it. You’ll need to go to Settings>Library>Library Maintenance and clean up the library. It will probably list a large number of files that are no longer at the old storage location.

I think it’s probably better to edit the old storage settings to reflect the new location. This way, any edits will be preserved.

However, this may not be necessary, since presumably the copy of the old InternalStorage folders will have preserved the folder hierarchy used on the old NUC - so it should look exactly the same on the new NUC’s InternalStorage folder…

@Geoff_Coupe @grossmsj

You’re both pointing the problem: the Roon Knowledge Base needs some work on that specific subject.

Usually the Roon KB is pretty straightforward. The install procedure is perfect. But the re-install procedure lacks some structure.

  • Changing a Roon Rock (NUC) internal drive isn’t documented
  • Reinstalling Roon Rock on a new NUC with an internal drive is incomplete too

I’m planning to re-install Roon Rock on a new NUC with an internal drive. I’ve been through the documentation but couldn’t find my specific scenario.

Another solution would be change some settings before backing up the database (hopping they are preserved with the backup)

  • stop watching the storage folder in the internal drive.
  • backing up database
  • restore database on the new NUC
  • copy files to the new internal drive (with same structure)
  • restart watching the storage folder

But I don’t know if this is possible as I don’t know if those settings are saved with the backup.

What do you think?

Hi @Thomas_Serra,

The exact steps will depend on the current storage in use and what storage you’re moving to. In the scenario you’ve provided above, moving from internal storage to a new internal storage, you’ll want to do the following:

  1. Follow the standard migration process
  2. Make another backup from the new setup (just to be safe)
  3. Stop RoonServer on the new ROCK setup via the Web UI
  4. Copy the files to the new Internal Storage
  5. Start RoonServer

Roon will then identify the files you copied over as the existing database files from the old storage and you should be good to go from there.

I appreciate your feedback on the Knowledge Base — I’ll make sure this gets updated so it’s more clear moving forward.

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To be clear, can a Backup of the Roon database be restored to ROCK at any time? And if a database is restored does this reformat internal storage?


GOAL : Migrate everything from NUC A (Rock) to NUC B (Rock)

Hi @dylan ,

Thank you very much for your reply.
I’m not sure that I understood correctly your procedure.

So here is the scenario:


  • Roon Rock with internal HD.
  • All the music files are stored in the internal HD.


  • new machine, with new internal HD.

Goal :
Migrate everything from NUC A to NUC B, without loosing presets, lists, etc…

Procedure :

  1. Backup NUC A DataBase to USB Stick or network location (I do both just in case).
  2. Do a fresh Roon Rock install on NUC B.
  3. Plug the USB Stick in NUC B. The USB stick contains the Database backuped from NUC A.
  4. Connect to NUC B through web interface.
  5. Do not login. Instead, click on “Restore a Backup”
  6. Restore the Data Base from the USB stick

… Right now we have NUC B with Roon Rock with a restored database and an empty internal HD.
… note sure for the rest of the procedure. There are procedure pieces in many portions of the K.B.

How should we proceed now?

Should we simply copy all the music files/folders (same structure as in NUC A) to the internal drive of NUC B (network copy)?

Am I missing some important details?

Thank you very much for your help :smiley:


Yes I went back and forth a few times when I migrated. You can restore at any time and it should not reformat any storage, its just a database restore not the OS. ROCK is compartmentalised so each part can be updated without effecting the other.

Thanks for the clarification. So you could install ROCK, stop the server, then copy music to the internal drive, and finally, restore a backup?

I believe so.



Thanks again for your help.

Have had the opportunity to read my last post, addressed to you?

Once again I read

and, as recommended, the following

Unfortunately it is quite unclear when to do things.

Do you mind completing steps 7, 8, etc. of my last post?
Or pointing to documentation I could follow?

Thanks again,

Hi Tomas. I just did this recently and I think I can help you connect the dots. You’ve correctly set up NUC B and have properly restored your backup. This is the “record” of your preferences, playlists, etc.

What’s unclear in the documentation is this: you have copy your library ACROSS the network, using ANOTHER PC or Mac. I think that this is because a ROCK install doesn’t have an a file manager or equivalent.

It should all end up a sub-directory called \ROCK\Data\Storage\InternalStorage

So, here’s your steps 7 and 8:
7. Take your library from NUC 1 and copy it onto another computer or MAC. If it’s still on NUC A’s internal drive you’ll need to physically remove it and install it in a SATA to USB drive adapter something like this one from Amazon:

  1. Plug the drive into another computer and run Windows File Explorer. Copy your music folders from your old drive to \ROCK\Data\Storage\InternalStorage

Here’s a picture of mine (all of my music is in a folder called “Music Library - FLAC”):

Once you do this effectively, Roon on ROCK will monitor your folder called InternalStorage for any additions or deletions and properly update everything as always.

I hope this helps!

Hi @Thomas_Serra,

For the next steps you’ll want to:

  1. Stop RoonServer via the Web UI
  2. Copy the files from internal storage of NUC A to internal storage of NUC B
  3. Start RoonServer via the Web UI