Migration to Rock

I used my mac as Roon core (using Roon server) for a few months, and it worked fine, unless when I wanted to use the mac for other things. That is why I tried to install Rock, to have a core that works only for using Roon. I managed to install bios and Roon rock, but when I want to migrate from the mac to rock, something goes wrong. I can’t restore a backup with a USB flash drive, since the backup is 1.59GB, and the flash drive only 208MB… Should I copy the entire backup? Is there another way to migrate to rock without losing my library and information on the mac? I have only a small library on the mac, I use mostly streaming…
Will I lose the information on the mac when I deauthorize it?

You won’t lose the information on the mac when you deauthorize it. Just leave that Roon installation alone for now. You may want to make another backup later.
Where is the backup now? Is it on the Mac?

The backup is on the mac right now…

Okay. If you refer to Step 2 of this link (Migration), you’ll see there is an option to Restore a Backup on your first time logging into the new core. One of the options is to restore Roon from a backup stored on a network share. You do this through the Roon file browser that will come up.
I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what the exact network share path would be for your Mac. You may be able to do it using these instructions.
If Roon takes that network share path, you’ll be able to browse to where your backup is stored on the Mac and restore it from there.
I’m sorry I can’t be more specific about the path, I’m not a Mac user. Hopefully a knowledgable Mac user can offer help if you need it.

Seldom use my Mini, but this is how I share files with Core.

On the Mini’s System Preferences==>Sharing -

On Core’s Settings==>Backups,e.g. -

GEIDIPRIME is an appropriate name for my Mini, but one could also use its IP.
‘Empty Nature’ is an account on my WIN10 Core machine.

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This document has the instructions for accessing Mac via network share (smb) using Finder: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Roon_OS_Data_Directory but for copying the back up file, it might be easier to use USB drive, if you can get one that has larger capacity.

Thank you all for your feedback! I did not restore a backup, but in some way all my playlists etc are back and rock runs fine…

However, one problem remains. When I want to use my mac as a remote controller for roon, I get a message saying I should deauthorize the rock. I did remove all the roon logs etc on my mac…

Typically you’ll be asked to choose which Core you want authorized. If you had the core running on your Mac, and now Rock, it should ask you which you want to deauthorize. You don’t want to deauthorize your ROCK. But deauthorizing your Mac will still let you run it as a remote.
I’m a little curious about what you are seeing. I don’t suppose you are actually still running Roon on your Mac? It could happen?
What do you see when you go to Settings>About? Can you post a screen shot?
It should list the Mac under Remote and Rock under Core.
If that is all okay, you may need to reboot everything then choose to deauthorize the Mac.

I can use my ipad and iphone as remote controllers. On my mac I removed all files, and roon server. I installed the roon app again, it starts with a login screen, in which I fill out my login and password. The next screen says the following:

Your Roon subscription allows you to authorize up to 1 device to manage your library.

You have already authorized 1 device, so if you want to use this Core to manage your library, please unauthorize below, of get an additional subscription to allow for more authorizations.

Remember, remote controls that connect to another Roon Library are always free, and never count towards your authorizations.

And then in Dutch:

Je apparaten (Your devices)

Roon Optimized Core Kit, followed by a button “Deautoriseer” (deauthorize)

Of course I don’t want to deauthorize the rock…

Strange, because I already did deauthorize the mac and authorized the rock, which works fine on ipad and iphone.

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Simply decline to de-authorise ROCK. The Mac should then just come up as control and end point.

To me, this sounds like your Mac is still acting as Core.

If you turn off your Mac, can you still access Core thru an iPad Remote?

The mac is not running as a core anymore, rock works fine, even when the mac is turned off…

Check in Settings > General what your Roon client on the Mac thinks what Core it is talking to. It should list the IP address of your Roon Rock core, NOT your Mac. If it does, “Disconnect” and the Client should ask you to find a Core. It’ll probably list itself AND your Roon Rock; select the Rock and you should be in business. I did the same as you - test-drove Roon (Core+Client) on my Mac and then installed Roon Rock on a NUC and moved the license across.

In the mean time, I pushed the “deauthorize” button, and then a new menu appeared, in which I could choose the rock, so everything works fine now! Thank you for your feedback!