Mini Player option would be nice

I’d like an option to minimize the software to a mini player - something that just showed maybe the cover and track with controls…

Something like this - or anything like it


New to Roon, but agree with this option. When I can tear myself away from reading about my library, artists, etc - a mini player would be great. Hope this comes in a future release soon.

No news about a mini player ? It would be great. Thank you.

I made a tool just for this purpose.
You can find it here: 4

You can raise and lower the controller by clicking the tray icon. I’m just hoping they add more functionality to API so we can do more.


That’s cool.

Nothing for Mac planned?

It’s an Electron app, so it should work on Win, Linux and Mac.

I don’t own any Apple computers so I can’t test it. I’d be happy to hear from someone if the Mac version needs any tweaks.

They handle some some things slightly differently in terms of window management, so I’d be happy to hear what works and what doesn’t.

I added package scripts for all x64 platforms, so you can edit the config.json, then run the relevant build script from the app root directory:
npm run package-win-asar
npm run package-mac
npm run package-linux-asar

When I call npm install I get this Error:

npm ERR! notsup Unsupported platform for electron-screen@1.0.3: wanted {“os”:“win32”,“arch”:“any”} (current: {“os”:“darwin”,“arch”:“x64”})

Yeah, that was my first go-around with Electron. When I started, I assumed cross platform support would be trivial, but that wasn’t the case and the project quickly became Windows specific.

On Mac and Linux, there were just too many inconsistencies to deal with, and most of all transparent UI wasn’t supported well/at all in either, which is a requirement for the mini player. So, it remains a Windows app for now.

I still use it every day, so it should work if you have a Windows computer to run it.

Hi -

I think this is the same as Roon client - Mac menu bar widget / Windows mini player

Not sure if @moderators agree, and it’s only 1 vote, but I think makes sense to merge them. I sure want it!