Minimum RAM Size on the NAS processor

I just installed Roon and will probably be back to report on my experience later but for now …
I am running the Roon Server from a Synology DS218+ connected to a 90GB SSD by USB3.
I have not added any RAM to the Synology’s 2GB yet but Roon advises 4GB.
The Roon data (Server) on the SSD is only 300MB (2800 files, 200 folders). I use mainly my own tags as opposed to Roon’s.
My questions are:
-Should I upgrade the RAM on the NAS? Synology sells 4GB for ~70$.
-Only 300MB on the Roon Server. Is there something wrong with my installation?
Thank you.

This crucial dimm is what you need, identical spec and $30 cheaper.

The Crucial memory @Ratbert links to is fine – I’ve got 2x4GB of the same DIMMs in my DS718+. Whether you need it or not is up to the size of your library and whatever else is running on your NAS.

I’ve got a small-to-medium sized library (~30K tracks). My Roon database is ~2.5GB in size. Roon usually takes somewhere between 800MB - 1.1GB of RAM, which is consistent with my previous NUC/Linux/Roon Server setup.

Out of the box, the Synology takes little RAM for itself – but this can increase quickly once you venture in other demanding apps like Plex, Docker or Virtual Machines.

How many tracks are in your library?

Thank you Ratbert. I dismissed this Crucial model because I was not absolutly sure of its compatibility.
Here is what Crucial says “Sorry, this part is not compatible”. (for DS218+)
Did you test it mounted on a Synology DS218+ ?
Thank you.

Thank you RBM. Only 6800 tracks.

I tryed my luck with a 4GB ram extension and … it worked!
Synology DS218+has now a total of 6,144 MB.
Thank you for advising me.

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