Minimum RoonCore solution for Streaming only


I am currently running RoonCore on my laptop and then using an Raspberry Pi DAC+ as RoonBridge. I exclusively use Roon for streaming TIDAL.

What I am looking for is a minimum solution to run RoonCore on. I have no problem doing some tinkering to get there. My first idea was a NAS, but I believe that’s overkill. Has anyone done something similar? I feel like its overkill to have a full-blown PC just for the “simple” core process. It should be a switch on/switch off solution with no input and output devices needed (once set up).

Thanks! :innocent:

There is all the acurate information in the knowledge base, a link on the 1.3 Email I believe. I wouldn’t under spec as Roon is destined to grow.
Just a thought. Chris

It should run just fine on a decent specification of Celeron machine. A NUC type box is more than enough, go with the Intel alternatives like the Brix models for the best deal. 4-8 GB of RAM and an SSD hard drive should get the best out of it. Run a minimal Ubuntu install like 16.04 LTS server, only enable SSH if it is going to be headless otherwise just enable ‘essential updates’. Check that the dependencies are there as per the Roon downloads page and load Roon Server. If you don’t have a library and do not intend to upsample to DSD rates it should be ok.