Minor question - Roon icon?

What is the Roon icon?

Why is it light on the upper left corner instead of solid black?i like the “pop” of solid black!

Great job on 1.4 guys!

Some days I see the Roon icon as a stylised representation of a sound wave and a solid half circle representing a speaker, ear or database. Other days as an abstract jellyfish.

I recall someone else asking why not black. I can’t find the answer now but it was along the lines of: “Its not black because it’s grey”.


It’s a design thing.


It could be a mushroom cloud laid on its side.

Didn’t someone also call it a cheeseburger?

We call it “the Roon icon” or “the Roon moon” or the “the jellyfish” internally


I like the Roon Moon!

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