Mint Linux Bridge and Firewall configurations

First of all I am new to Linux and Roon. My system works fine as it is today too, I just want to tie it down with Bridges with firewall rules. I truly enjoy this form as it has made me so aware of how powerful Roon can be. Thanks for your valuable time and the comments that help me become a better user. Well let me explain.

My System is configured with a Win 10 PC for my Core. ( will move to a NUC but not for a while ) Next we are using many endpoints: Dietpi RPI’s, Win 10 PC’s, and other Allo products for endpoints. Today we are exploring PC’s with Linux Mint for endpoints. Using Roon Mint Linux with Bridge configurations. So lets dig into the Mint bridges.

My router is setup to hand out non-route-able IP’s 10.0.0.xx. For now I have the VPN software turned off, but will turn it on later or should we turn it on now. I am also “icecasting” from a one Mint endpoint.

Want to setup my “Firewalls” on the MINT bridges so we allow Roon’s Core to work bi-directionally back and forth to Mint Bridges but to block everything else coming in.

Not sure what commands inside the Core I can invoke to find the Config data required and vis a versa on the Mint endpoints. I used the Win command line: IPCONFIG and I understand some of the IP address data / schemes but I am lost here so I need help.

Also when I open up Mint Firewall config and set “deny all” Roon will quit working on the bridge. So the firewall works but what we need is to set up a rule that will let roon be exclusive.

Again, Thanks for the support. Bring it on.