Mirage Master/MQA

Does anyone else see the tracks for Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage Deluxe album, which is the only Master/MQA version of the album, as unavailable in both TIDAL and Roon? It’s been that way for a couple of days now. The album and tracks are marked with the “M” badge, and I can add the album to my TIDAL favorites list and my Roon Library, but I can’t play any of the tracks. Other FM MQA albums are fully available, even the Deluxe versions.

Has anyone else seen this with other Master/MQA albums by other artists?

I’m in the U.S. with a Premium TIDAL subscription.

Yes, they were unavailable for me in Tidal (current Mac Desktop version) when I checked just now.

Same here.

Thanks for checking, David.

I wonder if it’s a licensing issue, or if it’s just that the MQA masters aren’t ready yet. I suspect the latter, because HiFi versions of the album are available for streaming.

It’s as if the link to the Deluxe version doesn’t work. The standard Mirage Masters version works fine as do all the other Masters albums.
Weirdly there are 4 different Masters Tusk versions.
I’m in Australia.

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for answering, and for specifically mentioning the standard version. When I last checked here in the U.S., there wasn’t a Master standard version of the album. When I checked just now, there was. That’s good enough for me, as all I wanted was an MQA version (any version) of Mirage. I appreciate the help!