mircoRendu - intermittently having to reboot


Windows 10, latest Roon software build 416, iPad build 416.
Google mesh network, all hard wired between router, Roon core and and microRendu. internet 245mbit.

I have had microRendu for 2+ years and never a need to reboot. It just works. But in the last 2 weeks I have had to reboot to be able to play music through Roon. I have had the Google mesh network for about 2 months. If have had an IP reservation for the mare due in the Google router since the beginning. When the problem occurs I am still able to access the web interface to the microRendu. So IP reservation is not a problem. Roon skips from track to track when this is not working. Once microRendu is rebooted I hear it connect to the DAC, because the DAC clicks to set to the right bit rate.

MicroRendu set to RoonReady and has not be change for years. Rebooting Roon or DAC does not fix issue. Microrendu must be rebooted. This is occurring a few times a week over the past couple weeks.

Hi @Paula_Dickerson,

What kind of DAC do you have connected to the MicroRendu? If you connect the DAC directly to the Core, do you experience any similar issues or does it only occur when the MicroRendu is in the mix? Have you tried a different USB cable? Sometimes USB cables go bad.

Also, I should note that the best way to reach out to MicroRendu support would be via their website (https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/), in the bottom right-hand there is a “Contact Us” button. I would use this method to acquire transport for Sonore products if the issue is due to hardware.

Wrong company…look here:


Thanks Winders.

These little devices like microrendu are “cool” and affordable, but they run very hot. I was hoping it would last longer.

I should have rebooted my usb cable?

My ultraRendu does run warm but not anywhere near hot. It should last at least 15 years…

Others are having similar problems with their Rendus, i.e., Roon skipping through tracks w/o playing them. You may want to post your experience on the Sonore sponsored thread at AudiophileStyle.com, Rendu Support Thread. Hopefully, the more that post about this problem, the faster there will be a fix.

Thanks for that correction @Speed_Racer.

@Paula_Dickerson, can you let me know the following?

When this issue occurs, does restarting Roon Ready in the MicroRendu WebUI -> Apps -> Roon Ready -> Restart RoonReady also resolve the issue?

Next time it hangs up I’ll reboot from the interface. Assuming it responds. If if does then it’s even more perplexing.

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