Miss detailed year focus possibility in Track view

When in Album menu and go to Focus, it is possible to choose “View more” to be able to go into the graphical view to select year in a flexible way.
This makes it possible to choose albums from 2001 and forward, >= 2001.


But when in Track menu, I do not get the option to choose “View more”.
Only possibility is to choose a specific decade, 2000 or 2010.


Is there a possibity to do a search for tracks from >= 2001?

Strange… I do have the possibility to select a specific year range in both album and track view.

Are you sure?

(Note the ‘View more’ link under the year picker)

Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?

We took a quick look here @Johan_Engwall – this is a bug that only occurs in some cases, which is why not everyone is having this issue.

The full control should be there for tracks like it is for albums, so we’re going to get a fix in shortly. Look for that in a future release, and thanks for the feedback!


@mike Great!
I will keep an eye out for future release and return.

The “view more” is now available also for tracks when I use tablets.
Both for Apple and Android tablets. Great work! I´m happy.
Minor notice: Still missing the option on phones (tested with Iphone8, Samsung S10).