Missing album ratings

In the artist discography section, in Roon 1.8 rating stars are missing. How do I pick initial albums of a new artist if I don’t see album ratings?

Note: clicking on an album isn’t a solution.


This should be visible in “discography” and in “my library/albums”. Maybe roon team can add it to “customize album display” as a user configurable option?


I’d rather they show it by default and let care of customization later…


Same here, I appreciated this feature in the 1.7 version.
In 1.8 it’s missing.


Please return to the star system in discography page. Thank you!


YEP! item #237 is a long list of inexplicable incoherencies that Roon has gratified us with. Not only are the ratings gone or hidden…the default “album sort by popularity” is based on WHAT? WE DON’T KNOW.

Just trust Roon. They know what we want better than we do.

I posted about the same issue earlier. It is not useful to see the rating inside the album info, the ratings were previously available at the search result level. While I can see the rating is quantifying art, which is an oxymoron, the other side of the coin is that these are not just art. They are commercial products as well, and the quality ratings (for whatever it is worth) was an excellent was to start delving into new unknown territories.

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Please make album ratings visible!


+1 Make album ratings visible again!

Well, some of us can think for ourselves, and would be able to decide what is good for us. A product’s features define its profile. In this case, as much as the relevance of quality to ratings is debatable, this was my way of getting acquainted with an artist/band/genre and then start delving into the subject, era, sound, etc. and manage to evolve my own perspective. With the available music being so vast, having some level of initial sorting, while getting further sucked into any part of this amazing, and at times terrifying due to its invasiveness, world was highly useful.
It might not have not been worth anything for you … fine! Avoid using it, but stop suggesting that removing features that some of us appreciated is good for us. That part we can decide and take care of ourselves, Thank You!!!

Yes, I definitely want to see ratings resurfaced in the Discography views. They’re also missing from the ‘Recommended albums’ row as well (which may technically be a subset of Discography).

I’m also seeing some albums that have a review, but not a rating. While the review and rating appears on Allmusic.com. I’ll use ‘Joseph Haydn: Les Saisons’ conducted by Renè Jacobs as an example where the external rating is missing from Roon:


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