Missing albums?

A few days into using roon. Really enjoyable. I’d like smaller artist/album listings so you can see more on the page. Even an option to just have a list would be nice. Then once a choice is selected, all that wonderful information can be released.

That’s not why I’m here though. I’ve noticed some albums are missing from my collection. roon core is on my Mac mini. I have set it to find files off my Synology NAS. My files are predominantly wavs and saved in a directory my old unitiServe created. I have continued to add folders as and when I rip or download an album. In some cases I have a few versions of the same album. Dire Straits first CD release and Dire Straits remastered. Roon only lists the remastered! Another example is I have seperate folders for my Beatles Mono boxset, Beatles 2009 stereo remasters and the original 80’s CD’s named accordingly. All that roon shows is the 2009 stereo albums (these are flac files).

Any suggestions on how to get roon to ‘see’ all albums? Collate in one folder? Re-rip to FLAC with metadata to match the release?

Have you looked in Other Versions?

Is that a link I’ve missed on the user interface? I’ll have a look when I’m next at the computer.

…what I have also noticed, all the info I added to each album I have (disc1, record label, cat number, hi-Rez bit rate/sample etc) is no longer there and just the album title…