Missing artists on Stuart Patterson album

Hi, I can’t get the correct metadata for a CD of various artists by Stuart Patterson Presents Deviant: SOCIAL CLASSICS VOLUME 1.
The artist comes up as Deviant. The correct metadata was edited via iTunes but not showing up in Roon.

Not sure if you have made adjustments at your end but this seems to have been fixed today. Thank you.

Tried to search for this album in roon today and couldn’t find it. The metadata has reverted back to how it was originally :frowning:
All artists are missing from the compilation album. How can I fix it?

anyone? would like to fix this.

Hi Paul,

What is your selection under Settings > General > Sort Compilations To: Title or Various Artists?

If you have it set to Various Artists, then in Album View, it should be found under the artist Various Artists.

If it’s set to Title, it should be under S for Social Classics, Vol. 1: Stuart Patterson Presents Deviant.

What word or words are you searching for?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

I have it set to Title.

Track 14 for example is a Clash song – ‘The Magnificent Seven’ and normally The Clash would appear under the song as Performed by. But with this album all performances are blank. So If I search for The Clash nothing appears.

Hi Paul,

It appears it’s not being Identifed by Roon automatically. We can do that manually, but we need to find it first.

What happens if you search Magnificent Seven? Do you see a Library Album result?

If you find it, click on the 3 dot icon and select Edit, then Identify. You want the Artist to be Various Artists and the name as Social Classics, Vol. 1: Stuart Patterson Presents Deviant. Written like that. If it doesn’t come up automatically, then click None of These Look Right. Then type it in as above. You should find it that way.

See how that works.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

When you go the Album Editor is does identify the album (as it did before) but the various artists are not shown.

However when I just selected a individual track, Edit, then click the Re-Identify Track button this did seem to fix all the tracks on the album.

Many thanks,

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