Missing Basic Features

Well, I’m not one of those…I just say…the more Roon develops the better it is for all concerned, whether that be new features that appeal to me or not.

Of course. Straw dog.

For a contrast, look at the feverish pace Grafanas development has:

Their community forum also pretty much shapes the direction of the product.

Grafana does and they are doing OK as far as I can tell.

Roon chooses not to and they are doing OK as far as I can tell. I think Roon has managed to build a pretty great piece of software and I suspect they will continue to do so. I’ve only used Roon less than a year, but from what I can tell, they have continued to advance the product and grow their business.

Vertical-scrolling - on roadmap… since 2015.
I think in the mean time, horizontal scrolling has become a “feature” :joy:


Grafana is not a fully commercial product and is open source at its base completely different ball game.All open source products thrive on input from the community and have often more external devs contributing.

I’m no developer but have had to manage development of software and work closely with them. What seems trivial to us is often way more complicated to implement than you think.


Grafana Labs will be pretty shocked when you tell them its not a commercial product:

True , I guess much like Jira and confluence if you want full support, scalability and features for business use. But its still open source at it’s heart. They are very different to a fully commercial product like Room.

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Yes, its closed source versus open. No more, no less.

Some people dont seem to grasp the difference between open source and commercial. So they make non-sensical statements.



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:rofl: you jest :rofl:

Explain the phrase please. :pray:

Basically the same as “straw man.” It’s when someone argues against something you didn’t say.


Thank-you, I’d not heard either phrase, now I know :+1:t3:

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Well, it was half said in jest. It’s interesting that a member of the Roon team made a comment on the thread, but in relation to some side issue instead of the main theme of the thread - the latter being the lack of Roon team input into forum discussions! Kind of ironic. Either he read the discussions and chose not to respond, or just dipped in at that particular point. Either way it’s somewhat disappointing, given the call for more user base involvement.


Well, on a positive note, it means the Roon team have at least read it :wink:

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A very good theory book on these issues is Exit, Voice, and Loyalty from 1970 by Albert O. Hirschman, He discuss how customers can leave or use their voice to get improvements - and how organisations can foster “voice” if they go for that option. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exit,_Voice,_and_Loyalty


It’s a very interesting concept & one that I’m well aware of…The relationship between Roon team and forum users is however rather awkward.

It could be argued that without the users there is no team, yet there are only a small fraction of total users that are active forum regulars. So, how much weight should be given to what is said by either a small number or a large number within the forum?

What I would like to say is that the Roon team does receive a great deal of free ideas (useful to them or otherwise). from some very intelligent people from varied walks of life.

On that basis alone, I would assume that whilst not all ideas will appeal to the Roon team, there must be a fair proportion that makes sense to the team, along with meeting their own ideals.

There would not be a successful business that did not listen to good minds. Further, that is why many businesses, governments etc seek outside advice from professionals. On that basis, @mikeb @extracampine I assume the Roon team must read, at the very least topics that develop. Perhaps, they don’t bother reading feature requests beyond a heading as there is no need.


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