Missing Codec on ROCK

I am having the same problem on a Mac…Unarchiver just generates another copy of the file and wont unzip it…I will quite happily send you several dollars to avoid this problem !!! What should i do to unzip the file?

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Are you sure you are actually opening the file in the unarchiver? Doubleclicking might still try extracting via Finder – try dropping the file on the unarchiver icon directly.

Finally managed to open the extracted ffmpg file that Chris Connaker posted in his ROCK guide on Computer Audiophile…being a work machine, my laptop doesnt like us opening strange files…thanks for the response though. The process has been a lot easier with this Helpline!

I’d had issues unzipping mine too; unzipping the download file produced another tar file which I then had to also unzip to get the codec file. All good now though!