Missing Composition Shostakovich 11

I have a record of Shostakovich 11 identified in Roon, but it won’t show in the list of compositions. Here you can see it missing:

Here you can see that it does exist (navigated to album, then selected go to composition:

Not sure why this would be hidden in composition view.

In general I have found that Roon favors quantity over quality when it comes to data. Granted I have access to much more data with Roon than with just my tags, but the data is only about 90% right I’d say (which of course means its 10% wrong).

Look under “Shostakovich” not “Symphony” as that is how the WORK part starts in your screen shot.

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that was it! Strange that it was the only on like that… Roon composition info was inconsistent for that one but I adjusted to use custom edits and its fine now.

Many thanks!