Missing Cover Art

I have moved from a JRiver based system to a Bluesound Vault 2 and am now evaluating Roon… I spent HOURS previously getting all available cover art included in the Album view. Now I am amazed at how much cover art Roon can’t seem to find relative to what the Bluesound Vault found for those albums that I did need to add cover art JPGs to the folder as Bluesound found them perfectly. That Roon has such a great reputation, I am more than a bit disappointed in this regard.

What can I do to get this improved (other than doing a look up of all of the missing covers and adding them to the music folder - which I refuse to do).

Use the library import settings to use your own tags and artwork perhaps.


I’m aware of that. My question was more about why Roon, which is the premier high end software music playback system can’t find cover art that two much less expensive systems can. And, short of ME finding the appropriate cover art and adding it to the music folder, what can be done so that Roon can locate it ?

I wonder whether the problem is not that Roon cannot find cover art but rather that it is not identifying your albums? If Roon has identified an album it should have the artwork.

Do you see unidentified under the album name?
If so, then

An album was misidentified or is shown as “Unidentified”. How do I fix it? or
FAQ: How can I ensure multi disc sets and box sets are identified properly?
may help


It has correctly identified the album names but can’t seem to find the covers. Not the end of the world but am very surprised given Roon’s reputation — and more importantly, one off the key reasons I chose to give it a try !!

Perhaps if you gave a couple of examples.

I may have found A source of the issue. I have two (almost) identical copies of my music files. One is loaded on my Bluesound Vault and the other was a USB Hard drive copy of (almost) what was on the Vault. It is that version that I moved to my NAS and it turns out, not all of the cover art I fixed previously was actually on the USB version. So, I will now move the other version of the data bass to my NAS and see if that gets me to where I should be.

If that turns out to be the case, my apologizes.

I don’t understand this bit. If Roon has identified an album, it should have the cover.
As @ged_hickman1 suggests, an example would help.

EDIT I understand you may have now solved your problem; nevertheless I am still curious as to where Roon is failing.


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I have not been able to successfully get the most recent version of my music file available to Roon. So I am adding cover art (folder.jp) to each album that Roon can’t seem to find covers for (no where near as successful as either my Bluesound or another server prior to that).

So how do I make Roon relook at all of my folders and check to see if I have cover art within the folder?

I’m not at home right now but I think
Settings / Storage / Music Folder / Force Rescan
is the mechanism you want.
If that doesn’t pick your new stuff up, then a reboot might help.

Are you using a NAS? They can be troublesome with real-time updating.