Missing format info in Tidal (De La Soul)

Huge apologies if this has been covered elsewhere (mods - feel free to delete if this is the case) but I’ve just spotted something I’ve never seen before…

I just looked up De La Soul (since their earlier albums have just been put on streaming services for the first time) and when looking at both “3 Feet High and Rising” and “De La Soul is Dead” the format just shows a Tidal logo and none of th usual FLAC 16/44.1 or MQA etc. Screen grab attached.

On Qobuz it’s showing as “Mixed track formats”, if that helps.

Perhaps it’s something to do with the streaming services not providing the metadata for Roon just yet?

Check out signal path and monitor each song - what are you seeing there?

I’ve checked the sample rates on Qobuz. All tracks, with the exception of track 2, are 48/16. Tracks 2 is 44.1/16. Occasionally labels release albums with mixed formats.

When playing it shows as a 16/44.1 FLAC. Judging by the value on the Volume Levelling it’s likely these new releases will have significantly higher amount of dynamic range compression although that’s an entirely different discussion…

This will sort itself out. The releases are new from TIDAL, so we need to process them to get an accurate format. It will be probably be fixed for non-library additions over the weekend, and within a week if they’ve already been added to your library.

Great that these releases are now on TIDAL!

Edit: now, not not!!!

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My first trial to search for the album caused a database crash, see my support post here, demanding a restore and some aftermath, finally resolved but lost 59 titles.

Playing that album from Roon’s Qobuz now, I get shown “Mixed track formats”, but all titles are shown as 48kHz 24bit 2ch

Even track 2? I’m getting that as 44.1/24

Yes, all of them.
Interestingly, as I prepared my post, in the now playing screen it showed 96kHz 2ch, but signal path showed what I finally posted.
Unfortunately forgot to screenshoot and can’t replicate…

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Same here. All tracks are 24/48. Track 2 is 24/44.1 on Qobuz.

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Last night I played both “3 Feet High and Rising” and “De La Soul is Dead” and I had no problems. I’ve just looked at them again in Roon and they now display this info in the usual place so they do indeed appear to have sorted themselves out as @joel said above.

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Things really seem to have settled somewhat, now showing all tracks as 48/24 for me, and Track 2 has been 48/24 all along …

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These remasters are more compressed, but they aren’t brick-walled. To my ears, they sound great. A clear step up from the original masters, especially in the case of De La Soul Is Dead. And not just because they’re louder. The overall tonal balance, punch and clarity is much improved.

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Interesting. Perhaps Qobuz was given 24/48 files? Tidal showing 16/44.1 on all of these new DLS additions for me.

I’ve cleared the issue up from the Qobuz point of view (obviously not directly relevant to OP). Qobuz is carrying 2 versions of this album. One with all 48/24, the other with track 2 in 44.1/24 and the rest in 48/24. I suspect the reason for the mixed format version is that track 2 was released as a single in 44.1/24 and has, in one version of the album, been left in this format.

EDIT: Even more bizarrely, the full 48/24 version has 1 track (track 8) missing.

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