Search entry crashed database, demanded restore

Roon Core Machine - Networking Gear & Setup Details - Connected Audio Devices

Roon Server Core:
Roon Server version 2.0 (build 1223) production (64bit)
Windows 11 Home Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621
Silentmaxx Kenko Mini S5 fanless PC
Asrock B460M
i3-10320 4x 3.8/4.6GHz
2x 8GB DDR4-2666
Samsung M.2 970EVOplus 500GB 3.5GB/s read 3.3GB/s write
Samsung USB-DVD and USB3-SSD
Win11 home auto-start
Roon server auto-start
Logitech Media Server (fall-back)
Asus DSL-AC68U
o2 HomeBox
VDSL 50 MBit-down / 10 MBit-up
Living Roon:
Roon Server Core
USB generic
Intona USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Isolator
USB generic
S.M.S.L M300 Mk2 DAC
DSD256 core up-sampling
variable balanced output
DIY FrankenAmp
2x Hypex NC400 with 1x SMPS1200A400
2x 200 Watt @ 8Ω
2x 400 Watt @ 4Ω
2x 580 Watt @ 2Ω
SNR: 125dB @ rated Power
THD+N: 0.0007% @ 1/2 rated Power
DIY full-range line-source speakers
25x 3" drivers per channel @ 8Ω
Speaker/room correction via REW inversion-method convolution

RaspberryPi 3B+ 7" touchscreen
RPi-OS 32-bit bullseye desktop installation
Roon bridge
Real-time accumulated EBU128 loudness range meter
Bob Katz’s level and stereo-correlation meter
Spectrum analyzer
5GHz WiFi

Sound Visualizer and Roon Web-Display
RPi 4B 7" touchscreen
RPi-OS 32-bit buster-lite
Bare-minimum Chromium/Openbox/Xserver install
Roon web-display customized layout
LED illumination via microphone input
5GHz WiFi
Cooking Roon:
Roon version 1.8 (build 1125) stable
RoPieee 2023.02 (0746)
5GHz WiFi
RPi3 B+ HifiBerry DAC HAT
Creative SoundWorks 745
Bed Room 1:
Not associated with Roon
Squeezebox Touch
2.5GHz WiFi
Medion Soundbar
Bed Room 2:
Not associated with Roon
Squeezebox Radio
2.5GHz WiFi
Bath Room:
Not associated with Roon
Squeezebox Radio
2.5GHz WiFi
Silentmaxx Kenko Mini S5 fanless
Roon version 2.0 (build 1223) production (64bit)
Windows 11 Home Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621
FLIRC USB remote receiver
All4one URC 7935 Streamer remote
CAT5e UTP Ethernet cable to router

Dell XPS13 9343
Roon version 2.0 (build 1223) production (64bit)
Windows 11 Home Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621
5GHz WiFi

1+ Nord
Roon version 2.0 (build 1219) production
5GHz WiFi
Qobuz Studio:
Available in ROON and LMS

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

In response to another thread, I entered “de la soul” in search, hit enter and instantly got …

No alternative other than restoring last backup, which succeeded, but needed updating since it was from last release.
Then core connection problems and constant cycle of refreshing “Home” screen on remotes making usage impossible.
Closing/restarting remote and core applications didn’t fix behavior.
Reboot of core computer finally brought back functionality after some fiddling with not finding core etc.

So, I’m up and running again, but would like to understand what happened.
I’d appreciate some response, if you find any time at all, and thanks for reading through this…

If needed, I’ve saved the logs, standing by for upload…


Hi @Marin_Weigel ,

Thanks for your post and for your patience here while your case reached our queue. Are you still seeing this issue in the latest Roon release or has there been any improvement?

Yes, can you please upload the Roon Server and any relevant logs to the below link and let us know once uploaded? Thanks!

Logs uploaded.
I’m running standard Roon in parallel to Roon Server, so all respective logs are included.
It happened only that one time so far, but I’m no hard core search user anyway.
Restoring a backup remedied it that one time.
Hope, it’ll be of use to further improve stability for everyone.
I’ve got the respective databases saved as well, if needed, but they’re in the GB sizewise.

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Hi @Marin_Weigel ,

Apologies for the delayed response here, I missed your follow-up message. Are you still having issues with your Roon install or has the system been stable?

Have you by any chance run a disk check on your Core’s hard drive yet? Failing hard drives can sometimes cause corruption, I would check this aspect if you are still having issues:

Yes, without issues, hard drive utility reports a healthy drive as well.

@noris , did you see anything amiss in the files I uploaded?

Hi @Marin_Weigel ,

In your previous log set, we saw a standard corruption trace:

Critical: Library.EndMutation: LevelDb.Exception: Corruption: corrupted compressed block contents

It’s interesting that the hard drive passed the test, I would have suspected it wouldn’t. Is your residence prone to power surge issues? If the Roon Core is not powered off cleanly, this can also lead to corruption. Has the system been stable since you last restored?

Thanks @noris for sticking with it!

Just rerun a disk test now to verify again, and it checks out 100% healthy.

No, never happened during the last three years, and the core is cleanly shut down every time, we’re done for the day or leaving the house.
There had been a 76 hour power outage in our quarter in May '21 due to a infrastructure fire attack at the new Munich Philharmonic construction site, but the core hadn’t been on as it happened.

Yep, it’s been a one-off, luckily.
I’m keeping regular back-ups and fingers crossed.

Oops, not a one-off, just happened again while playing music, restored backup, up and running…oh well

Hi @Marin_Weigel ,

Are you still seeing crashes at this time? Can you please let us know the exact local time + date of the next crash if so? Having this timestamp is very helpful when looking over your remote Roon logs for clues as to the cause of the crash.

Thanks for getting back to me!
It’s been the second time for me 21 days ago, and fortunately running smoothly since.
I’ll make sure to post the exact local time stamp, should there be another crash.

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Hi again @noris ,

just happened again at about 18:55 11th of August while browsing Qobuz‘s new releases of the day, first adding „Blank & Jones The Best Of Relax“, listening to it, then deciding against it, starting a live radio channel, then deleting the just added album - bang, issue loading library, asking for restore…

But this time around, I decided to just reboot my ROON server PC, and you know what, all fine without database restore!

Let me know what you guys might find out…

Hey @Marin_Weigel,

Thanks for the timestamp! We’re not able to connect to your Core to review a fresh diagnostic, could you please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader?


Hey @benjamin , thanks for getting back so swiftly!
Just turned my Roon Core Server back on for you to connect and review a fresh diagnostic, since I’m usually shutting it down over night.
Cheers, Marin

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Hey @Marin_Weigel,

Thanks for that! We were able to take a closer look at your core logs and found the following:

08/11 18:54:38 Critical: Library.EndMutation: LevelDb.Exception: Corruption: corrupted compressed block contents

It appears that your current Roon database is corrupt, which could explain the crashing behavior you experience. To navigate around this, do you have a backup saved that predates this behavior?

You can also test out running a completely fresh database by following the steps below:

  • Make a Backup of your current RoonServer Database
  • Exit out of RoonServer
  • Navigate to your RoonServer’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “RoonServer”
  • Rename the “RoonServer” folder to “RoonServer_old”
  • Reinstall the RoonServer App from our Downloads Page to generate a new RoonServer folder
  • On the Roon Remotes, press “Use another Core” and connect to the new database

I’ll be on standby for your reply. :pray:

@noris found the same corruption back in May, analyzing logs from March.
And yes, I did revert to a backup predating the behavior back then.
But it happened again.
So that might likely indicate corrupted database backups all along.

It happens about once per quarter, seemingly triggered by some random pattern.
This time, even a mere server restart got me back to a working condition.
Also, I was able to take a database backup without any warnings or problems.

Before jumping through all those loops, let me ask just one question:
How can a corrupted data base slip through all those back-ups and restarts, while there were changes to the code to allegedly prevent that from happening?

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Hey @Marin_Weigel,

Odd indeed, and something our development team will want to take a closer look into. Could you send over a copy of your backup for our team to review?

  1. Zip up your RoonBackups folder (right-click it and select “Compress…”):
  2. Submit the .zip file to us through our Database Corruption Issues portal

Thanks, Marin!

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13GB will take some time at 10mbit upload speed…
Finished uploading btw, @benjamin
Thanks for looking into it!