Missing Images on iPad Air

I use an iPad, elder model with newest iOs for this device 12.5.
Since some days most of the images are missing. I cleared the cache but no changes. On my iPhone anything is fine als also if I start roon on one of my PCs accessing my roon server in the cellar anything is fine.
I first encountered the problem with playlists imported from Qobus. But now wven the images from music on my roon server are no more displayed on my iPad.

I finally solved this issue!
Uninall the roon app from the iPad and reinstall.
After this procedure the images are back again.

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In most cases, powering down your ipad and restart is enough.
I believe that most probably ig has to do with memory filling up. Restzrting the app does not seem to solvf thid kind of issue.
Powering doxn does empty the totzl memory.

Thanks for the hint. In my case powering down did not help, I tried it before uninstalling the roon app.