Missing Masters Albums in todays New Releases

There appear to be a number of missing Albums in Roon/Tidal Masters section that are shown in the new Master Quality list in Tidal for today’s (6/1) new releases. See Attached:

If I recall previous discussions on this it can take a few days for things to synchronise, no idea why.

I recall this too. A number of things come into play. TIDAL schedule some but not all releases, so Roon doesn’t know about every new release beforehand.

Also, TIDAL doesn’t provide all of the information Roon needs for the TIDAL Masters (MQA.) Such information is acquired post release using data mining and can lag a day or so.

This is covered (more precisely) in another thread.

It takes a day or two to show up on Roon.

@Mike_Ormerod I believe Tidal releases new albums on Fridays, so I typically go to my Tidal site and save whatever new album I like. That way you can bypass the Roon lag effect.