Missing Metadata after import

I imported my library with about 10,000 songs into Roon.
I am missing some meta tags that seem not to be considered by Roon ( but are present via Upnp):
Tag “Female Voice”
Tag “Audiophile”
Individual rating of Songs from 0 to 5 *

Is there a place where I can tell Roon to read those and make them usable by its Focus/Filter?

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Have you told Roon to use your file metadata?

By default, Roon uses its own genre information and ignores that found in your file tags. However, you can modify this behaviour. See this KB article.

I’m afraid that Roon doesn’t support individual track ratings at the moment.

Additionally you might want to read the KB-articles about Editing and Grooming Your Collection and the Metadata Model.

I did so in SETTINGS > LIBRARY > IMPORT SETTINGS (before asking here and without success)
But this does it only for GENRE settings, not extended meta tags in general, isn‘t it?
No need not reset my Library after change of this setting either as Roon updates itself?

Unsupported tags. Depending on the meaning of the “Female Voice” tag, it can possibly be substituted with a PERSONNEL tag with matching credit role (see also: File Tag Best Practice: Achieving Great Results From File Tagging and Credit Roles).

As it’s already said, Roon supports only album ratings at the moment. By having individual track ratings in the supported rating tag, it becomes rather unpredictable which rating might end up as album rating.

No, unsupported tags are just unsupported. Maybe you can add supported tags to your files that cover/contain the same information/meaning (for “Female Voice” see above). For “Audiophile” maybe something like “PRESONNEL = Audiophile - Audio Enhancement” which would then allow you to use focus on production for Audiophile.

File tags supported by Roon are listed in the individual KB-articles linked in this and previous posts.

Roon should start to apply the changed settings after you hit the save button in the import settings window.

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@BlackJack - Thanks!
The things that I hoped Roon would manage better than the average Upnp servers is wiped away.
Four instance “female voice” is an individual tag that I created and used on JRiver and hoped I could import that as well.
I know that I could re-create this tag manually in Roon but the amount of work turns me off.
The lack of track ratings is a real bummer and probably ruined a lifetime subscription by me.
The usefulness of a music server strongly depends on the meta data it supports and the means of individualisation it offers.