Missing More button in Roon ARC

I usually browse music starting with the Genre as the first entry point (as I have a broad collection with Classical, Jazz, Pop etc.).

In the ROON desktop app, when you select a genre, there is a “more” button at the top to browse all albums in your collection of that genre.

In the Roon ARC app, this more button is missing, and you can select about 10 pre-selected albums (of the for instance 135 Classical Chamber music albums I have).

I hope a future update will add this feature, otherwise it seriously hampers the usability for my usage.

This functionality sits on top of Roon’s focus feature, which is not yet a part of ARC. We are planning this for the future.

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Is there a timeline for ‘Focus’ implementation?

ARC is great but without Focus much less usable for music discovery


There’s no timelines for anything yet–we have to see where the feedback falls over the next week or two before we can put projects in order.

I didn’t find the tag on ROON ARC