Missing Roon Bridge in DietPi optimized software

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I’m not a beginner with DietPi. Today I have started a clean installation of DietPi on a new Raspberry Pi unit. As in my previous installations I need to install Roon Bridge but I’m having trouble because I can’t see Roon Bridge in the list of the Media Systems. Maybe it has been removed form the list? If this is the answer what can I do in order to install it?

What version of DietPi?

The latest, downloaded today.


Which RPi model?

We lack binaries for ARMv6 (1/zero), disabled for those devices.

Raspberry Pi model B+

They are ARM11 based on the ARMv6 instruction set.

So I can’t use Roon Bridge on these devices?

I can’t say for certain, but it seems it isn’t possible using DietPi.

Not currently:

RPi 2/3 required.

Ok, I’ll replace this unit with a Pi 3 model B next Monday (thanks Amazon) but, just for your information, the Pi 3 B+ on which was trying to install DietPi on has 4 USB, and audio output ports as my other Raspberry where I did install DietPi successfully.
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