Missing track despite forced rescan [Resolved - it was a corrupt file]

I’ve just downloaded David Bowie (Space Oddity) 24/192 album to my QNAP.

Roon automatically scanned in tracks 2 to 9 but has omitted track 1. Have done a forced rescan a number of times but cannot see track 1 (Space Oddity) in Roon.

I checked that the track is showing on the NAS and can play it through other software, so I know it has downloaded properly from the website.

Any idea how I can get this track to appear in Roon?

Does the missing track appear as a separate album? If so, just merge it into the other one.

Thanks Jumbuck.
Unfortunately, I did a search and it only shows the album’s title.

Ah, just checked the skipped files in Library and the flac is showing as a corrupt file. Will download again and it should then be okay

Now sorted!

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